Tip Of The Night. Top Of The Morn!


Better late than never. My top songs of the blogaruu from 2010. Not that they were released in 2010. Just that I used them at some stage in the blog. Either I really like the song. Or. I am a fan of the story that went along with it. So.. Song. Which blogaruu. And a reason why as well. Not sure how many. Short and sweet!

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Monkey Free Crap Fun!


Dancers. Islands. Yachts. Parts. Practice. Bathrooms. Some things are better private. Ehh… Numbers. Some things are not. One new addition to the better pile… Jets. Finally I can now confidently say: Private jets are the dancers of the air. Finally, says you. I know, says I. Giddy up! Assumption off. Jet on. Absolutely funking mighty. Planned on doing a blogaruu from up in the air. Unfortunately. Tad busy. Boozing. Dancing. On a plush private jet. On my way to Vegas. All on a Monday morning?!! Nay too shabby. Bloody Mary all the way! Literally. Go on the ape. Did manage to get a bit of mental bookaruu scribbling in, at least. Le sequel could start a bit like this… I’m on a jet. Private kind. En route to Vegas. Disneyland. Doused in acid. The land of whures. Heat. More whures. Monkeys. Mind wobbles. Crap fun. And depression. Wuu! Can’t wait. Vegas on… Continue Reading »

Goosaruu’d. Duckaduu’d.

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New fussball team. Gypsy F.C. Giddy up. Quality team. Currently vying for a spot with a man who has captained the English fussball team. And another chap who has won the World Cup. Seriously. Obviously they too were impressed with my Collingwood and Crowley winning days. Hoviously. Anyways. Fun team to play on. First game tonight. First win tonight. Wuu duu. Gypo on. Unfortunately. Now. I. Am. Goosed. Beyond belief, kind of goosed. Hottest day in creation today in L-Hey. Ran through to the night. Hot as funk. Heat was hot. Now has me rambling. Go on the exhaustion. Drivel me this. Anyways, a lot of Bananarmama cocktails were sweated out. Booze oozed. Merkatinis. Ye whures! And now. Too goosed to finish off my original gibber blogaruu. All aboot Smurfs too. Mighty gibber. Tomorrow. Runner up. Horse up this article which appeared in the Sunday Independent a few weeks ago. Only realised today it was online. Sweet Lord, dragging this out. Should really know by now when to just sto… Continue Reading »

Sea! No Hangover…

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Woke up. Stood up. Swaying. Big time. Bounced off one wall. Slid into the bathroom. Drunk? Eh. Hungover? No. Should be. Thankfully. Not in the slightest. Just a tad tired. Drink all the fruity Merlins, Jerk and Merkatinis cocktails that I can come up with. Hangovers don’t exist in the land I’m in now. Figured that out after the first 3 days. No Fear to fear here. Plain sailing. In the land of the sea. Left my brain back at the port. Hangover off! Climb the spiraling stairs from my cabin. Hey hup. Fresh fruit platter me up. Brunch on. Stewardeses scurrying aboot. Smiling while I order. Cursing me with their eyes at my order. Good old healthy eating. Eat what you have to. So you can drink what you want. Wrap it all up with a please and danke. Continue Reading »

Bring Back The Bubble!


For some reason, it occurred to me today, that people in Ireland are suspicious of a happy mood… “Why are you so happy? You should be freaked. You’re freaked to be back, right?” Which lead to my immense conundrum from the last post finally being solved. Took me long enough. The reason that people keep asking me over and over, presuming over and over, that I am freaked to be back, is… that… they are… just freaked themselves, to be here in Cork, it seems. And the reason they would keep asking over and over, until I might eventually say, yeah, freaked alright, is because that is just the only answer they want to hear. Nothing else will please them. Just because they are freaked to be in Cork, or depressed, or whatever it is, people seem to want to project this onto others. I cant be happy so why should you, kind of thing. 

So, having figured that out, after fielding similar questions today, I think it is surely high time, that people cheered the funk up. Seriously. If needs be, bring annoying, eternal optimism back! It was not this bad before. Things could be worse! The bubble of optimism floating all over Hollywood has to be shipped over. And I know, I know, it appears as if I am complaining about people complaining. But I’m not, I’m just making an observation. Plus, I now kind of have a plan on how to supply a small token of light, a beacon, that might cheer people up. Make them feel involved, if they want to, obviously. More to come on that! Oh my God, re de de, all the depressed, down, freaked people, who wish they were anywhere but here, like I must wish too, you must be freaked, freaked – yeah, freaked alright – must be freaking out wanting to know what it is going to be?!!! 

Back to making progress on one of the plans… blog – book – sitcom – movie. Today, I got feedback from BAFTA about my episode script. Unbelievably helpful feedback too. First thing which I was told, is that in Hollywood, there are only two outcomes for your script – brilliant or nothing. Either your script is brilliant, and ready to be passed around to the right people, so that you can be confident that its just not a waste of time. Or, nothing. There’s no other alternative really. And, I am now freaked. My script is not in the brilliant category. Might as well just give up, I can’t believe it’s not brilliant after the first (longer than I thought, and tougher than I thought) effort.

Nay. Thankfully, I was given fairly specific pointers on where to improve or change aspects of it, so its all flowing in the right direction. I wont say exactly what was said, but the drive to get the successful pilot has increased since the chat! It is not in the brilliant category… yet. Although, that also includes it being specific to Hollywood producers as well. I was told that in other places, such as Ireland or England, a different view could be taken, as the story is not as common i.e some idiot going off to L.A to try acting and all that. On paper, a lot of people are like that in L.A. So, more food for thought. I could get more specific, but might ramble on a bit too much.

Instead I will give a brief summary of the main points:

Tone it down. Make it more suitable and appealing to as many people as possible.

Can it be made more original. Apparently there was a movie 75 years ago called On The Stage Door, all about actors in L.A trying to get a break kind of thing. So, its been done that way years ago.

Surprise the reader more. Not with the content, but with the story line e.g Ugly Betty in the fashion industry, as opposed to a model in the fashion industry.

Now, I think I might take two routes. Firstly, re-write the script again, keeping it similar for Irish and English pitches, but perhaps toning parts down. There was one part in particular that was meant one way, but came across a different way. And the mix-up is fairly funny, but not in the greatest of ways for me. Perhaps I did not make it seem as obvious as I thought. Or I am just too clever for my own good. Only about 4 people will get the meaning of those gibberish lines.

Secondly, at the same time, I will make the original idea for the sitcom slightly different and seen from a different angle, to appeal more to the American producers. And write, in the main, a new script. Which I have thought of a way already, so happy enough. I was also told that I should not write what I might think a potential audience might like, but write it geared towards what a potential producer will like. If that makes any sense, it did to me at the time of being told. Best part of all, is that once the re-write is finished, my helpful source in BAFTA wants to see it again. I am not cut out of the loop… yet!

All in all, for a first Monday back, getting that feedback, plus thinking of my new plan, as well as getting a few more issues dealt with or under way, it wasn’t too bad a day. The bubble has yet to be burst. And, not really the video, just the song, helped to play a part…

Dat New New (Viking Remix) by Kid Cudi

Mechanic? No. Idiot? Hopefully.

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There shall be no more long, looong posts giving writing advice, or any advice really being dished out, it has more or less been decided. The reason being, using this simple metaphor, is that if you wanted to find out about cars, you would probably go to a mechanic. Or someone who knew what they were on about. You would not go to an idiot who would know bob all about them… “Yeah, the key goes here, and then the petrol goes there, and thats about it I’d say” then giving you two thumbs up. As a side note, there shall also be no car related advice either.

Today has been spent trying to thrash out the last few scenes of the sitcom episode. The worst thing I could’ve done was get so much done in one day, a few days back. I set the bar too high, or else made myself relax too much. I have the end all in my head, good to go, but for some reason I do not seem to want to put it on paper. Perhaps, it is because I got an old bout of doubt today. This episode is average, grand, is it really even funny… that kind of thing. I think I need someone who either has never met me before, or read the blog, to read the episode, so that I can get a fully impartial opinion. Or someone who is not a fan of mine, in the slightest. Surely, in fact I am positive, that there is a bucket load of people who fit that description.

I’ll snap out of the doubt by tomorrow, back on the horse again, almost there and all. I half decided today as well only to blog on, from now on, when I am in L.A, as that is 99.9% of the reason people read the blog. I think, or presume anyways. Stats alone have shown that if I throw a celebrity name into any story, the reading figures will go through the roof.

For example, the most eventful thing to happen to me, today, was being chatted up by a girl, in a very mundane situation. This might be stating the obvious, but I am a big fan of when a girl goes out of her way, to chat me up. Who isn’t? I think the reason why, for me, is that it is so rare. To be chatted up, unexpected, without initiating. I am a fan. Usually I would be the one with a dumb old approach, not that hers was dumb. It was just so ordinary, going out to my cousin’s jeep to get my phone, and being asked for my number.

See, that in itself is a fairly pointless and stupid story. The kind of one which I have previously stated I would not tell, as nobody wants to hear those kind of stories. People are probably reading it, saying to themselves “What an ape, who cares? So what, do you think you’re cool now that a girl chatted you up. Well done. Stay in L.A, don’t ever leave.”  However, it was told for a purpose, to highlight two facts. One, I need to get out of the house more while I am in San Francisco. And two, if that girl was attached to a celebrity name, the story would be transformed into something else. She would not even have to be a good looking celebrity. Or a successful one. Or even for it to be a girl! If I was to say the girl was Rosie O’ Donnell, or Ellen DeGeneres telling me we had similar haircuts, and it happened in L.A, in Hollywood, the whole story would be seen in a new light.

People would now be reading it, probably, saying to themselves, depending where they were reading it “Jaysus/Oh my Gawd, he has some life in L.A, off being chatted up by Rosie or Ellen in L.A, some life”. It is a bit odd. Instead, it is just some random girl, whose name I can’t remember. 

There was another, underhanded, sly reason for that story too. Hopefully, and I am positive of this too, there has to be someone who read as far as here, and is now saying to themselves “What a f**king idiot, why did I just waste my time reading this crap when I could’ve been on Facebook”. If you are that person, if you are, then get in touch. I need your opinion on the episode I have almost finished.

Two songs today. The first is a pretty cool video, all done in one take, by a dude who is talented as funk by the looks of it. B*****d. Impressive hula hooping too.

In Step by Frankmusik

Second is by another highly talented dude, good title too. Plus, my gym buddy has a cameo! I love L.A! And celebrity stories! Wuu!

I Poke Her Face by Kid Cudi (Feat Kanye West, Common, Lady Ga-Ga and A-Trak)