Tip Of The Night. Top Of The Morn!


Better late than never. My top songs of the blogaruu from 2010. Not that they were released in 2010. Just that I used them at some stage in the blog. Either I really like the song. Or. I am a fan of the story that went along with it. So.. Song. Which blogaruu. And a reason why as well. Not sure how many. Short and sweet!

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Hello. Wake Up!

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Last night I DJ’ed at what can perhaps be described as the equivalent of a parochial church gig. In fact, that is how one person described the size of the crowd to me. For the first hour at least, dead enough, but it suited my hangover and splitting headache, so I didn’t really mind. Eventually it got busy. And, for a change, there were a few good looking women requesting songs throughout the night. Who didn’t reek of fake tan and sweat. So that was nice. For a change. By the end of the night, I was dying to go home and sleep. However, after getting home at about 2.3o, I ended up staying up until 5. Why? To write yesterday’s blogaruu. Like a zombie, typing away. More like a clown really. Eventually went to sleep. And then woke back up, to edit another piece of writing I did. In the end, by the time I woke up this morning (stretching the limits of what counts as morning to be honest) I was probably Continue Reading »