Tip Of The Night. Top Of The Morn!


Better late than never. My top songs of the blogaruu from 2010. Not that they were released in 2010. Just that I used them at some stage in the blog. Either I really like the song. Or. I am a fan of the story that went along with it. So.. Song. Which blogaruu. And a reason why as well. Not sure how many. Short and sweet!

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Speak? Easy… Hubulla!


I wonder. And I ponder. A lot. And a fair bit. This. That. Gibber. Even more wondering and pondering shall be going on now that I have decided to cut all kinds of worry. Pointless. Not just mine. Others. Udders. Everyone’s. Too much worry floating aboot. No need for mine to clog up the system even more. Dumb enough. Especially when it’s about stuff that has not and might not even happen. Like the end of the world. Which is not for another two years. Pointless worry like that. Two years!?! A fair chunk away. Plenty to do until then. From now on, I shall only worry about other people. Concern for other people. Worry is a word which shall be banished. Which is why I ponder. And I wonder. About myself. And if perhaps I am out to sabotage myself. Self saboteur. On a constant basis. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Saturday morning. Coffee meeting. Talent manager. Re de de. Might be something. Could be nothing. We. Shall. See. We me, same difference. Sit down. How’s she cutting. Thanks for the coffee. Rar diddy rar. Big. Dumb. Gulp. Burn, scald, dribble, dumb. Once again, not again. Holy funk. Tongue on fire. Throat on hold. Eyes watering. Mouth dribbling. Tongue blowing. Highly impressive. Quite the talent. Come one. Come all. Come manage me! At least the rest of the meeting went well. Seems legit. Credentials. Clients I know. Me shall see. Rest of the day was just as mighty. Except maybe when my mixer didn’t work for that DJig. And then the speaker didn’t work. And then my laptop decided to join the strike. Giddy up the iPho… Pardon. 5 minutes. What? What what? Great day. Slow me. I blame my Big Bird bob. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Oh! Or. Gee?

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To be true, as of late, things, have been, quiet. Event wise. On the blog. A lot of rambling. Buckets of sludge. Dished out from my marsh. Struggles. Wading. Writing. Blog wise. Quiet. Life wise. Quite. Literally. Quiet. Having moved into my new apartment over the weekend, I was greeted by something strange. A chasm of silence. I mean the quietest place I’ve lived in in ages. Deafening. Silence in the building. Screaming out at me. Silent shouts. No longer talking to myself. Instead whispering. Having to go outside to listen for traffic or the likes. Anything. Even the street was silent. Feeling I had to whisper while on the phone. Seriously. Ridiculously. Quiet. Continue Reading »

Mandatory Man Dates


Loose ends. Tie them in. Previous blogaruu in two. Clever thing would probably be to delay this but plough on! Quantity all the way! Gemini. Exit route. As I was saying, it is good to know that with people who are into their star-signs here, being a Gemini is a way out for any of my actions or lack of actions. For the chopping and changing of my mind. Everything can be explained and fit into a hole, if the person is big into astrology. Added to this, not knowing any better as ‘I’m Irish, uh-huh, chortle’ seems to be the key for any words that may be construed one way or the other. Or, as I was told last night, for the way I dressed. It was ok though. My style was acceptable due to me being Irish. Cheers. Overall though… Gemini. Irish. Giddy up. Although, I do have one issue with the whole being Irish thing. Continue Reading »