BAAAaack In The US-Wahey, I Am…

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Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen

Back in LA-wahey wuu huu! Mighty quick trip back to Ireland. Nice if it was longer but what can you duu? I came. I kissed. I conquered. Castles. Stones. Mead. The whole shebang. Weddings. Whistles. Wallops. Some hoot. Even had the odd owl. Speeches. Stand-up. Sheep. Good bit to catch up on in the old blogaruu. Need a day or two to let it percolate in my brain. Until then, how about an article I wrote for a Sunday newspaper this week. Life of a Chancer. Read. On. Continue Reading »

Goosaruu’d. Duckaduu’d.

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New fussball team. Gypsy F.C. Giddy up. Quality team. Currently vying for a spot with a man who has captained the English fussball team. And another chap who has won the World Cup. Seriously. Obviously they too were impressed with my Collingwood and Crowley winning days. Hoviously. Anyways. Fun team to play on. First game tonight. First win tonight. Wuu duu. Gypo on. Unfortunately. Now. I. Am. Goosed. Beyond belief, kind of goosed. Hottest day in creation today in L-Hey. Ran through to the night. Hot as funk. Heat was hot. Now has me rambling. Go on the exhaustion. Drivel me this. Anyways, a lot of Bananarmama cocktails were sweated out. Booze oozed. Merkatinis. Ye whures! And now. Too goosed to finish off my original gibber blogaruu. All aboot Smurfs too. Mighty gibber. Tomorrow. Runner up. Horse up this article which appeared in the Sunday Independent a few weeks ago. Only realised today it was online. Sweet Lord, dragging this out. Should really know by now when to just sto… Continue Reading »

Oh Ja. Ganz Toll!

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German Chat-Up

Off the top of my head, I am struggling to think of things which are fun to do in German. Maybe cursing. ‘Leck mich am Arsch!’ always makes my inner me laugh if I rattle it off to someone. Doesn’t really have a serious tone to it. In fact, if I ever hear people rattle off a fiery line or two in German, it always makes me laugh. I remember one guy freaking at me because I tackled him properly in a game of Fussball, and while he tried to berate me ‘Du Arschloch. Fich dich, Weckser!’ he just ended up making me laugh. Which made him worse. So worked well on all accounts. That’s one fun thing to do in German.

A better one comes to mind. Trying to chat up a girl in German, is usually hilarious. Especially Continue Reading »