Oh Ja. Ganz Toll!

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German Chat-Up

Off the top of my head, I am struggling to think of things which are fun to do in German. Maybe cursing. ‘Leck mich am Arsch!’ always makes my inner me laugh if I rattle it off to someone. Doesn’t really have a serious tone to it. In fact, if I ever hear people rattle off a fiery line or two in German, it always makes me laugh. I remember one guy freaking at me because I tackled him properly in a game of Fussball, and while he tried to berate me ‘Du Arschloch. Fich dich, Weckser!’ he just ended up making me laugh. Which made him worse. So worked well on all accounts. That’s one fun thing to do in German.

A better one comes to mind. Trying to chat up a girl in German, is usually hilarious. Especially Continue Reading »

As I Sat At My Desk…

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… I pondered, ‘Why the funk am I having thoughts in the form of paragraphs, as if I’m reading them out of a book?’ For about a week, I have been catching myself thinking long, continuous thoughts. Fully formed sentence after fully formed sentence. As if they were written down. Except there is no book in front of me. I might be speaking to someone. Watching t.v. Or DJ’ing. But instead of the usual routine of random thoughts bouncing around aimlessly, subconsciously, they are now coming into my head as ‘As I played the final song for the night, I was quite looking forward to going home. Oh sweet Jesus, I thought to myself, not this woman again, requesting the song I just played for her.’ Instead of simply ‘Can’t wait to go home. Oh no, not you.’ Worse still, words like ‘however’, ‘eventually’, ‘all in all’ and so on, are being used in my head without me purposely doing it. When do you ever purposely think the word ‘however’ without meaning to?! Why I say worse still, is down to the fact that Continue Reading »

Fail Whale

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Yesterday, writing wise at least, was fairly productive. I must admit I felt invigorated having a project to get stuck into. As I bounced out of bed this morning, I had high hopes for another day of the same. These hopes were quickly dashed. Checking emails first thing in the morning might have to be cut out of my routine. First email was from my accountant. In case you might not know, technically speaking, I have my own translation company. A checkered past. If you need any documents translated from German to English, you now know who to come to. I specialize in gun manuals as well. Strange but true.

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