High Five. You Goat. Hug My Ear.

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One other downfall that I forgot to mention yesterday, with regards to DJ’ing, is that the day after, I feel highly hungover. Even more so when I don’t drink.¬†Completely¬†wrecked. And end up having the productivity levels of a sleeping goat. Like I did all day today. I’m not going to harp on again about the bewildering aspects of people and their requests. Still though, for it to keep occurring on a nightly basis, has me questioning the average person’s mental state. Then wondering, perhaps, is it my own that is the problem. Not sure where the fault lies.

After overhearing one girl tell her friend that it was her mission to annoy me for the night, the only logical reason that I could think of why so, was that she must’ve read the blog, and thought it would be funny to do it? Why else would a stranger go out of her way to do that? However, after briefly speaking with her, I soon realized that she was definitely not up to the reading level to do so. She was an idiot.

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