The Ton, Terry… Trumpet!


On a personal note, the words have not been flowing the past day or so. On a note which you will be happy to hear, as a result, there shall now only be minimum fanfare to celebrate the 100th blogaruu!

Perhaps I should start with a poll. Especially seeing as the last one was so highly successful (16 votes, wuu)


As a token of my appreciation to all those who have been reading the blog, or read the blog at all – as of right this second, all 13, 038 of ye (I know, I know, doesn’t work like that but who’s counting anyways) – I have decided not to play any trumpet song.

Instead, here is a short medley of remixed songs for you to download. Additional mixing is only superb! Spoof! Use it for the gym perhaps. Or use it to free Jim. Either way, at this moment in time, I have nothing else to give. Enjoy! (Including The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Chris Cornell and Kanye West, all amongst one other, all gym’ed up!)

Free Jim!

“Hi, Atus, how are ya boyo?” Not too bad boss, what are you up to? “I’m off for a brief while” Cool, good duck!

My gibberish talk to myself shall all be revealed in time. I presume that alone will have everyone on the edge of their seats, re de de. And if it does have you on the edge of your seat, why are you not already up dancing to the medley I posted?

Finally, a visual perhaps to make up for the lack of words. I forgot to post any of my photos from my horrendous disposable camera a while back, so here is the best one by a country mile. And before you ask, or say it to yourself, the answer is yes, the rest were that bad as to make this one, the best… 4 Monkeys and 1 Ape.

4 Monkeys and 1 Ape

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