Wingless Wonder

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My ability to blogaruu is currently being hampered by other projects. And perhaps a 3-day hangover to boot. Ugh boots off. Projects on! Good few stories building too. Laziness is a divil. Go on the VIP at the Lakers! She shall come. For now. Pod on, pod on, pod on pod on pod on pod on pod ooooon, p-p-p-pod on…

Hearing Haze: Episode 6 – Wingless Wonder!
(Right click to download! iPod on!)



Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – AC/DC

Does anyone remember my German teacher’s name in secondary school? Slightly odd German lady? Anyways, back when I can’t fully remember, I had a German exam in school. Questions and essay. Took my time. Didn’t want to rush. Get the essay word for word perfect. Make sure it looked all neat and tidy. Like a plonk. At least a neat plonk. Time ticking. Almost finished. About to hand it up… Oh Jesus… Forgot to add that sentence in the essay part. Added it. Just aboot to hand it back up. Until I remembered another mighty sentence. Oh sweet Lord, I must add that!?! Kept adding. Tweaking. Fixing. Making sure it was spot on perfect. Time starting running out. Didn’t care. Just needed to fix this. And that. Time ticking. Me tocking. Kept going. Teacher waiting. Hand it up. It’s fine. Stop trying to fix it. Time up. Hand it up now or I won’t take it, she said. Two minutes, I aped. She left. I fixed. Ran after her. Declined my late entry. Ah please… Accepted it. After she told me to cop on. Almost failed the exam because I was a perfectionist. Pardon… ? What’s that? You think I’m a perfectionist? Why thank you! So kind… Continue Reading »

Dumb Roll Please… 300. And. 1!


Dumb roll please… Dum Dum Dumb! Momentous occasion of complete and utter unimportance… 300th blogaruu! Growing up, pushing on, going senile! Completely irrelevant. Fully unimportant. Unless you’re a bit of a mnarc. Obviously. So you decide you need to mark this occasion by doing something different. Such as your first reading vlogaruu. Well done. Mighty idea! 300th blogaruu. 1st reading vlogaruu. Well timed. If not over a week delayed. Seeing as you have troubles with your laptop and getting enough space on it to save the vlogaruu. So you buy an external hard-drive. But have no clue how to work it. Even though you have a masters in e-business. Actually did well in the course on storage. Back-up. Hard drives. All that. So you should really know how to work both? One would think so. Masters? E-which? Sure you do. Spoof. Inner monologue… Rambling on!

Moving on. Quick run-down… Plan for the reading vlogs is to read chapters from my book. Planned for a while. Procrastinated for longer. Read on. Ad-lib a bit of gibber. Give randomers an idea what the book is aboot. Whure her out. Kind of a way of giving out free books? Ish. Not really. But best I can do, en ce moment. Other reasons too. Obviously. Voice lessons are on-going. Attempting to make myself clearer, if and when needed. Reading vlogaruus can be a helping foot? Mumble off. Clarity on! Also good to get used to being on camera. Why… Shy? Ape-ish? Vain? No. Probably. Yes. Alright. Enough gibber. Currently in San Francisco. Fun. Big buckets of it. Except being minus internet. Quite annoying. Details can be caught up later. First. In a Prodigy style tone… Read with me! As you shall see, all good things start horrendously? My enthusiasm is at an all time high? Monotones are dancing? Dishwater is abundant? Ok. Shh. Book gibber on…

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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My plan for the weekend: Write. Big bucket load. That’s it. Back on the horse. Giddy back up. Stream of consciousness. Gibber on. Ramble. Flow. Let’s go! All that. So that was the plan! Pumped! Write on! Wuu! Here’s what I did instead… 

Friday: Somehow somewhere at some point in the night I lost my ATM card. Dose. Realised this aboot 5 in the morn. On the phone until 7 to my bank trying to cancel my card. Finally canceled my card. Slept. Woke up. Found my card. Wuu.

Saturday: Productivity highlight was probably gibbering together this joke: What do you call an old guy who scores 3 goals in a game… ? Jerry hat trick! Oh Jesus. Worked out a new stand-up angle: Fairy tales gone wrong… Tales from a fairy!!!

Sunday: Bought a bulb. (That’s today’s highlight… ? Yes. Well done. Thank you).

Quite an amazing weekend of writing. Brutal beyond belief! On the upside, the bulb is for my desk light. Light back on… Write back on?! Hopefully it’ll be better than this muck. Muck on. Better than none!?! Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!


DJigging can be quite perky. Lately I’ve been getting a fair bit of stuff. Free stuff. Wallets. Bags. Runners. Jeans. T-shirts! Perk up. Free on! Between you and I, I also got something else recently… No, not one of them… Merely a brain cloud. Wuu! I joke. Not a fan. Gladly swap for an hour long brain freeze. Not sure where it came from. Happy out, out of the blue, cloudy inside. Foggy kind. Muggy. Muddy. Murky. What what?! Just got all this new free stuff? I mean… T-shirts?! My old flame! My former crack! And yet this cloud is here? Think. New stuff. Everyone likes new stuff! Also have new projects to start on. Just now starting to start them properly. Come on brain, think you whur- Actually… Could it be a… Cloud of uncertainty? Maybe. But why so… ? Well… You must really start those new projects. All spec. From scratch. And you do know that you won’t see bears or their fruit for a few months at least. Oh hello penny… Bears… Fruit… Always hopeful they’ll come quickly. Tut. Not how it works. Balls. Not… Patience time? Self motivate time? All that easier said than done gibber? It is? Balls! Alright. Head down. Discipline on. Not that you can complain either… I know… Projects on! Certainty lives in new t-shirts every week land. But at least the cloud was figured out. Rooted out. Light shining. Fog lifted. Now cleared. Projects started. Some people battle a boss. Others battle their brains. And I did get a mighty silver lining reminder… Unless your head is dancing in Larry land, stuff is pre-tty pointless. Happy always trumps stuff. Which is an amazing revelation. I know! Enough of this gibber. Feel free to leave any comments, tuts, curses, ungrateful ape, give me that stuff so and so forth, below. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Mighty weekend of DJigging. Go on the rent! 16 hours of jigging later. Pre-tty musique’d out. Only one thing to do… Write an old music blogaruu! Obviously. Buckets of blogaruus piling up. Time to churn. Splatter on. Mighty night last night, music wise at least. People exclaiming. Gushing throughout… ‘This is the greatest music night of my life!!!’ Thank you. If only the songs were actually mine… Re de de. Although one guy did complain. He who came from the land Down Under. Thought we shared a bond. As I come from the land called Ireland? Strong bond. Told me my music was very white. Too white. Odd. Seeing as he was white. And I was playing a Jay-Z song at the time. Well done. And then he asked for Lady Gaga. Always one. Back to none of the music being mine… Wrote a poem the other night. High on candle wax. (Bought a candle. Not sure why again. Seems to be laced with something). So, high on my candle wax wings, this came along…

Float. On!
I am a fish. You are the gills.
Without or without...
Doesn't really matter?
The End.

Ehh… Go on the candle wax wings! Oh Jesus. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Here’s an unfortunate correlation: Fuller days. Hungrier blogaruu. Tut tut. Catch up on. Few nuts to shell out. Apparently. Graced the sheets of a big magazine this week. Howdy! Or something like that. Looking well I’ve been told. Headless. Body only. Few chins. Better off. Butter heads are better. Or something like that. Nut on. New soccer team had a mighty victory on Thursday night. 2 nil down at half time. Horrendous first half. Second half. Different story. Insert football phrase here. Won 3 – 2. Mighty stuff. Being honest, a lot of it might be down to me. In fact, a bucket praise should be shoveled. Inspirational. What with me coming off at half time, and all that. Turning point… I believe so. Ahem. Go on the Gypos! On the down side. Kind of feels like bees are raping my knee. Bees with rabies. Angry bees. Oh re de de my knee. Fun times! On the up. If ever our team has a cook up (as teams invariably do), we now have a pre-tty mighty chef on board to give us some tips. Good player too. Giddy up the Ram! All of which concludes the nutshells off the top of my bloated head. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »