Win! Free! Gold!!!


Oh Sweet Lord, this is exciting. Quite giddy. Who doesn’t like free stuff?! If you have ever wanted or asked for a free book, then here’s your chance to giddy up! Wuu duu. Complete. Compute. Competition time. 5 books to give away. Isn’t that just mighty?! Way better than something like a free car or a cruise. A book! I know, I know! Chill, calm down. Easy enough to put your name in the hat. Just a bit of copy and paste. Leave a comment below. Two ways to enter…

1. Copy and paste this gibber. Put as your Facebook status:

“Randumb. Book On!”

Then just leave a comment down below with the link to your Facebook page so I can contact you if and when you win. And also to see that you’ve entered. Obviously.


2. Copy and paste this gibber. Release to your Twitter followers:

“H’Ape @TricksHayes I Want Book, Me! #Randumb #BookOn”

I can search those hash tags to see who, if anywho, has entered. Feel free to leave a comment below with your Tweeter name if you want to make sure I know you are in like Flynn.

Winners will be randomly picked over the next few to five days or so. Only one loser as far as I see it really. And in case you were wondering, the link in the gibber will bring people to this page. Dance on.

On the off-chance you can’t wait to see if you might win and have an odd burning desire to buy the book, perhaps to burn it, you can purchase online from:

Publisher – Buy Book Here!

Amazon – Buy Book Here!

Available elsewhere too, but they are probably the easiest ones. Although trying to hunt it down on a few Japanese sites might be a better laugh. Seriously. For the old fashioned folk, if you live on the green isle of Ireland, my apehead should be on all good bookshelves. Bookstores. Easons. Porters. Waterstones. So on. So forth.

One more piece of pointlessness. Randumb is on Spacebook:

Randumb Facebook

Actually, final piece of gibber. Book party on this Friday. If you are in toon, come along! Book parties do tend to get wild. Details here…

Book Party/Cork Launch/Shindig/Thing

Quite the narcissistic ape of a book. As I said, only one loser really. At least now all this vital information is bundled together in one gibber filled blogaruu. Well done me. Ape on!

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive – Bing Crosby

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