Deliria… I’m En Route!


At the moment, three things kind of annoy me a good little tad. Uno… The word ‘lol’. A pointless word to fill a gap if ever I have read one. Lol. Deux… People who keep putting “everything, they think, is profound, into quotation marks”. And three… that bars close so early in L.A. I won’t lie, back in the day, in Ireland, before I ever came to America, I always imagined this would be the place to go to for great nightlife. And, you know what, it actually is, ha, beyond belief. However, at times, it ends far too soon. Perhaps I’m spoilt from all-night boozing at after-hours back home, but still, the mentality here is to just shut up shop, along with their drinking mouths, when the lights flash and the true beauty is shown. Not so much fun to be true. Continue Reading »