All In… You Too Cat!


Have you ever decided to do something, then at the very last second changed your mind? Dumb enough question, obviously you have. Might’ve been something big. More than likely something small. Well, I just had a change of mind about something pretty small and pointless. A cup of tea. Filled the kettle. Watched it for five minutes. Not true by the way. It did boil. Cup. Tea-bag. Spoon. All ready. Picked up the kettle. About to pour into the cup. Last second I defaulted. Change of heart. Mind. Both. Saved the tea-bag. Poured some water on the counter instead. It was literally that last of a second change. And the reason being, a bit of sense kicked in. I need sleep, not tea. No such thing as a quick cup. Better off going to bed. Wrecked. Sleep on. Tea off. Continue Reading »