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Routines. Can be a dose. Trudging through drudgery. Recycling days. Waiting until they run out. Hogs grounding to a halt. Slowly but surely. Work. Dinner. TV. Sleep. Unless, of course, you like your work, I imagine it’s a bit of a dose, to be true. On the other hand, having no routine whatsoever, can also be a bit of a dose. Too much free time. Too much to do. Too much freedom. All of which. Seems to be making me quite dumb. Err. Making me highly interested in innocuous events. Such as. Buying a new type of soap. Not sure which kind. Just soap. However. Now. Every time I walk into my bathroom. My eyes water up. Pepper sprayed. Making me fall to my knees. And puke. Only stopping when I eventually manage to crawl back out of the bathroom. Leaving the soap behind. Well, maybe only one of those things happen. Still though. The fact that that scenario has played out in my head, did make me realise that freedumb might have taken over my mind. Trying to decide if that’s now a good or bad thing. Continue Reading »

Freddie Cougars


Newport is a strange enough place. Throw in a crutch and an accent, and it gets even stranger. Full to the brim with Freddie Cougars.┬áBack down there the other day for a DJ gig. Had an hour to kill beforehand. Went to get something to eat. Walking to the┬árestaurant. More hop-along with the crutch. A concerned women stopped me along the way. Being kind, about her age, late 30’s, probably older, but looked younger. Plastic on. Asked me what happened. Could she help? In case I ever needed help, or anything at all, she gave me her number. Be sure to call. Anytime. Ok. Thanks for that. Be rude not to take your number, so I’ll accept the card. Plastic on. Freddie on. Continue Reading »

My Baboon And His Balloon


Harking back to school days, I must admit I was a fan of the odd sick day now and again (I’m also a fan of the fact I opened with a hark). Who wasn’t a fan of sick days in school though. Two were even better. If you were sick for three, then you might as well stay out for the full school week if you were that bad. A nice little holiday out of a crippling whooping cough. Come to think of it, I’m sure I missed weeks and weeks one year because of that cough. Maybe that’s where my ability to catch up and cram like a mad woman came from. Digression… hello and goodbye. Continue Reading »