Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Seeing as music is the answer, I have decided to start up a new weekly feature… Enough Talk, More Music!!! Hopefully the title gives you a gist of what it is about. Music. Every Sunday, I shall post a collection of songs that have either been overplayed on my iTunes or rounded up from my blogaruus during the week. In the hope that you might stumble on something that will blow your mind! Isn’t that a wonderful idea?! To be exact, it will be a mix of new, newish, older, classics and some random songs in between. An exact description. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!!

Song 1

Boy Crisis

Surrealist Brooklyn Pop! Buddies with MGMT. Sound a bit like MGMT

The Fountain of Youth – Boy Crisis

Song 2 

Miike Snow

Swedish act who have produced songs for Britney Spears and the likes. Now putting their talents to good use.

Burial – Miike Snow

Song 3

Elvis Perkins

At times, this band play as back-up to Bon Iver. Just in case you ever need a random useless bit of info to sell this song even more!

(Not Slow) Doomsday – Elvis Perkins In Dearland

Song 4

A.A. Bondy 

Something a tad slower. To cure a hangover. Apparently, this guy was tipped to be the next Kurt Cobain. Until he decided to turn to indie-folk. 

When The Devil’s Loose – A.A. Bondy

Song 5


For Mr. McGee. Classic on! 

Raspberry Beret – Prince

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