Boys Town To Manhattan!


New York New York – Frank Sinatra

So I land. Collect my bag. Walk out the airport doors. Cross the zebra crossing. And hear a guy stuck in traffic shouting at me out of his mini van window. “Welcome to New York, you’re going to rock it in this city, am I right?!” Before I get a chance to reply Why yes sir, I certainly hope so! he adds on… “And I hope you get raped!!” OK? Thanks? Oh Jesus. I’m in New York. Continue Reading »

You’re F**King Joking Me?

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What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye

So the other day I got this wonderful letter in the post from a blogaruu reader which I thought I would reply to…


Just wanted to say great hair! Also. What have you been up to lately?

Goodbye for now,

Murk Waters.’

Howdy yourself, Murk Waters, great to hear from you. Thanks for the hair compliment too, very kind. I’m sure you’ve a fine flowing fro yourself as well. Actually, did I tell you I recently got a haircut? Here’s a photo some clown took of it… Continue Reading »

An Honest Mistake


My Bad

One of the best things I have found about playing Fussball throughout the years, is that you end up with a wide spectrum of buddies. City folk, farmers, millionaires, bums, guys who are younger than you, older than you, and everything in between. The basis for you getting on so well with them, usually comes down to the banter ye have with each other. You mock me, I mock you back, we all mock each other. Just the way it went. Usually the people who you mocked more, were the ones who you were better buddies with. Better laugh with each other. Not always, but usually. As opposed to one-off, snide remarks, for example.

Sincerely Yours... Seriously

One year I played on the same team with a guy who was in his late 30’s. We got on well, even though we only played with the same club for a short time. He might mock my clothes or hair. In return, I’d question his real reasons for playing on, at such an age. Harmless banter. One night, out after a match, fairly hammered, Continue Reading »

Hello, Small Talk, Goodbye. Hello Again!

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Today has been spent taking care of annoying little errands, in preparation for tomorrow. Which I achieved, surprisingly, with immense efficiency. All went to plan. Big day tomorrow. I’ll give you a clue… starts with v, ends with ah. I and agra in the middle. A new batch is being delivered in the morning, hopefully. As I managed to take out my bundle of small tasks so well, I had plenty of time to notice small, innocuous, pointless, yet interesting little things. Wuu. Such as…

The wonder of small talk. 

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Bribes & Sex Scandals

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I better start by saying that I did the DVD burning guy a massive injustice yesterday. Although, I did have faith in him all along. Showed up today, DVD looking pristine, good to go, and I was only charged what I was originally told as well. Happy days. However, I did think that I had paid him far too much by mistake, as I realized I was missing money. It was not the case though. Perhaps I had lost the money in the post office, when I was paying for the DVD to be posted off. Again, when I went back to check, no joy, no money to be found on the ground or anywhere. Plus, I had just left, so no-one else was there that might have taken it. It was puzzling.

When I got home, sat down, and really thought hard about where that sum of money might have disappeared to, I finally copped on. As I was chatting to the lady in the post office about how great stamps are, I was also taking out money out of my pockets to pay for the transaction. While I was popping the DVD into an envelope, then sealing it, I had money in both hands. One small amount to pay for the stamp, a few larger notes in my other hand. A few larger notes and the DVD in my other hand. Good work, I accidentally put the larger amount into the envelope as well. Multi-tasking in the most basic form continues to elude me.

All that is now in the envelope that I sent to a commissioning editor, whom I am hoping to impress, is a reel on DVD, and some money. (I have already emailed him the documents needed). Not too sure, but I presume when he opens it, he will think I have sent him a reel, and, a bribe. Not a huge bribe or anything, less than €100, but still, enough for him to splash out on a treat for himself. The job. Down money and unwittingly bribing someone at the same time. Something I have never done before I suppose. Unwittingly at least. Hopefully it’ll work, bung on!

Which leads nicely on to the sex scandal. Well, actually, there is no sex scandal. Yet. I used that just to spice up the title. However, I have being thinking that while I am back in Cork, I need to spice up my time here. Try out new things. Or at least, stuff which I might not usually do. For some reason, there is a mental block not to try anything different. Maybe not even a mental block, more the thought would not even come into my head. Just go about my routine until I can get out of dodge as soon as possible. In L.A, new things were being explored on a daily basis. Here, em, nada.

This was highlighted again to me today, by a comment on the post about my friend and that kind-of blind date I mentioned a couple of days ago. The one with the girl he met but couldn’t remember what she actually looked like. And I agree, my friend should go on that blind date. Although also getting her name wrong (1 correct letter out of 4 does not seem to be a good enough ratio) might have hampered that avenue. Classified ads may have to be explored! Who cares about the awkwardness or potential disaster it could possibly turn out to be. Surely something of note will happen, which will spice up my time in Cork. And, in turn, spice up the blog. Plus, it could always go well and someone reading might take the plunge too! Doubtful.

Which got me thinking about other things that I could try out. I’m not really thinking along the lines of a bungee jump or jumping out of a plane either. Bungee has been done and unless someone wants to go to the hassle of setting that up the plane, too much hassle. More along the lines of social taboos or situations which should not be awkward, but are for some reason, such as… can you think of the last time you kissed someone, for the first time, during the day, and both of ye were sober? I actually can’t. Sounds dumb and pointless, I know. However, when I asked people (2) they too are mystified as to why they can’t remember/don’t do it more often “Its just not done in Ireland” was the explanation. Could be another option to spice up events.

The last time I think I did that sober was at least 5 years ago. At least 5. As far as I can remember as well, I was close to breaking the girl’s nose with my awkward moves and attempts at being smooth. Plus, it was definitely a night time affair by the time I grew a pair of balls. And, I think I knew that girl a few years as well. Comparing that with the bungee jump, I definitely jumped off a crane with far, far, far less hesitation, than when I made my sober move. Which is brutal! That hurdle should be overcome, or at least attempted. 

So, on my list so far, I have the daytime example I must try, perhaps the blind date example with someone who doesn’t even really speak the same language as me, and I can’t even think of a third option at the moment. The idea is still in its infancy. My buddy suggested I go check out the Cliffs of Moher. Which I laughed at, ha, that’d be boring enough. Then actually re-considered. And now think I might do it. However, I think that might not be the most exciting thing to write or read about. Drove to the cliff, it rained, too foggy to see anything, drove home. Something along those lines.

Anyways, I think I should get more suggestions, and start ticking a few boxes off. I was going to aim for one a day, but thats not really realistic, so a couple or a few a week perhaps. If anyone has an idea they want to throw into the hat, comment on!

Song on…

La Roux

In For The Kill (Skream's Remix) - La Roux