My Left Hand

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I don’t know if you even have one, but my to-do list – or two duu as I like to cleverly call it – is fairly chunky. Which, can be looked at in two ways. One way, would be to say I am fairly busy, lots of things to do. The other, more in touch with reality way, might be to say, I am a busy fool. I’ll go with option A. This morning, however, I noticed that out of last week’s two duu list, I got about 20 of the 25 things on the list, out of the way. Magnificent.

And, the other 5? Probably the most important things on it. But, you know, I got 20 of them done, I was keeping busy. I do really need to sort out number 2 on the list – Buy a small pen. The blogaruus are suffering due to my lack of notes! Last week ended with me feeling pretty weary, from knocking on so many doors. Thankfully, today I remembered I have two hands. My left hand has started promisingly, so far at least.

Well, besides this morning. First port of call was a place where, lets just say, one might try to be innocuous. I shall say no more of where it was. Instead I shall tell you of what happened when I sat down at the reception and fielded a few questions… I happened to notice a copy of the Corkonian magazine on the table behind the guy. The edition that I recently so gracefully graced. Graceful in a camel kind of way. Odds are the guy I was talking to probably never read the magazine, or even looked through it. At the time though, I was convinced that he just closed together the pages that I was on, and looked up to see me. Threw me off on my quest for Bob. A heavily coded paragraph, but if you can get it, it was funny enough. Not this paragraph. Obviously. The incident and my dumbness for connecting the two.

Now that I think of it, my next port of call doesn’t really prove my point either. Have you ever went food shopping, and made the mistake of taking a basket, instead of a trolley? Then, within an isle or two, you’ve well and truly filled up the basket? It is too late now to go all the way back outside and get a trolley. So, you have to dumbly soldier on. It’ll be easy to carry the big things on top of each other with one hand, while maneuvering the packed basket with the other hand. And using your foot to take stuff off the shelves. Almost too easy. Crushing sliced pans, squashing boxes of Cornflakes, and smashing my own eggs. Some laugh. All jokes aside, I would not recommend holding individual eggs in your hands, and allowing yourself to be annoyed at the same time. There is only one loser. The egg. Oh Jesus.

All that was before lunch though. After the hour of one, my left hand kicked in. Tap here, rat a tat there, and I was back on the road. All of those things I mentioned over the weekend might still be in limbo, or the give it time stage. However, if they tip in my favour, then at least I will have things good to go. Slowly but surely crews are being formulated, and arcs are being developed. C’mon the left hand! Instead of letting the chance that I might lose out, like I did on Saturday, due to an error in my DJ gig being double booked, I now have double booked myself, provisionally at least, for this Saturday night. Dumb, yet in a clever kind of way. C’mon the left hand!

One last thing, which I also found a bit odd today. Until today, I never encountered a guy using the term “Hee hee” to another guy. Followed by the term “Lol”. Followed by me enquiring were the messages meant for a girl? Or had he stepped out of a closet? They weren’t, he hadn’t, he saw nothing wrong with them. Maybe I am out of West Hollywood too long, but I laughed. In a ha, kind of way. He said good one, put that in your blog. I said, due to the lack of a small pen for notes, I would if I was stuck. Which, I just did. Hee hee. 

Free song as well, by the by, if anyone is interested. Stumbled on it today, if you like Sigur Ros you’ll probably like this too. Seeing as it is the main dude from Sugar Rose. All they want in return is your a-mail. Just click here

And my song of the day, belongs to a rake…

The Decemberists

The Rake's Song - The Decemberists

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