Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Marc Johns

I believe I need to get back on the boozing horse more often. I’ve forgotten how to cope properly with even an average hangover. Unable to write an address on an envelope in the post office yesterday. Telling the woman helping me that the reason I couldn’t write properly was due to me being as hungover as a horse. For some reason forgetting to say ‘over’. Don’t think she was listening either way. Great story. Anyways, enough talk, more music!

Sleigh Bells

1: Ring Ring – Sleigh Bells

Brooklyn duo. He was working in a restaurant. She went there to eat dinner. Between courses they talked about music. A week later, they set up a band. 

Random Useless Fact: Singer still works as a teacher.


2: Lies – Fenech Soler

“Post-millennial dance-floor pop”. Tipped to be pretty big.

R.U.F: Hail from a tiny village outside Peterborough

Har Mar Superstar

3: Tall Boy – Har Mar Superstar

Song was originally written for Britney Spears. Eva Mendes stars in the video for the song.

R.U.F: Surprisingly, his real name is not Har Mar. It is Sean Tillmann.

Golden Silvers

4: Arrows of Eros – Golden Silvers 

Band from London. Won best new talent at Glastonbury last year. Debut album is called True Romance. Great movie.

R.U.F: Recorded this song in Damon Albarn’s studio.

Jamie T

5: Chaka Demus – Jamie T

Song is named after the band Chaka Demus & Pliers

R.U.F: T is short for Treays.

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