I’d Shake Your Hand, But…

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Today has been ridiculously long. Especially seeing as I had no alarm this morning to wake me up. Instead, and a smarter option looking back, I just kept waking up every two minutes throughout the night, in fear I had slept in. A magnificent sleep. Thankfully, I managed to make it on time to the shindig on in RTE today, so well done to me. On achieving something so basic as waking up early and getting somewhere before 10.

Being honest, I can’t fully figure out if today was actually good, could’ve been better, or just normal. Maybe I am too tired. Or maybe the fact I have absolutely nothing to judge most things off these days, might be the main factor. I have bob all yardsticks lying around. Plough on. It was an open day for producers to meet and greet the commissioning editors in RTE. Good opportunity to go along and network. Cool enough, on in a studio, lights, cameras, all that. (It shows how much I need a yardstick, seeing as that was cool to me). Pretty good to hear what they had to say, what they were looking for, what they were not looking for etc.

I also managed to have my meeting, meant for Thursday, with a commissioning editor who was interested in hearing more about my project. Although, when he told me that he focused on ‘Observational Documentaries”,  “Wildlife” and “Regional” programs, it was clear that I was approaching the wrong department (which I had figured out from checking up before I went, but any foot in the door was my line of thinking). However, he did tell me who to go to and talk to the commissioning editor suitable for my show. Plus he said he would email them first with his thoughts. Finally, he told me he was a fan of the working title for the project. Then he got called up to address the audience, and that was it. Unfortunately, this got me thinking. Was he a fan of just the title? Or did like the rest too, but really liked the title? Or which? The lack of sleep had (has) me paranoid, ha.

Off I went, to hunt down the appropriate commissioning editor, who I knew to see from his presentation earlier. The mingling with the editors was scheduled for in the afternoon, so a few more presentations were made, then first break for coffee. I must say, it is tough enough, initially at least, knowing who to go mingle with, in such a limited time frame. Seeing as I have no clue who anyone actually is, so completely clueless as to which person works for which production company. Again, I could be speaking to a guy or girl looking to produce a wildlife show, and it wouldn’t really be beneficial to me. However, at the main lunch, I made a few contacts, and it was looking to be a useful trip. If only I could catch the editor I wanted, one on one.

Did so much networking and talking during the main lunch, that I only managed to eat an apple. Gutted. All that free food too. Headed back for one more presentation before the different editors did a Q&A, must just pop into the bathroom first. So, usual malarky, standing there, doing my thing, staring at the wall, only person in there. Half a minute later, somebody else comes in and does his thing next to me. I look to my left, and, yes you have guessed correctly… the Nazi dude I sold the Shamwows to! Ha, nay, however, it was the commissioning editor I had been looking to speak with, one on one.

While finishing up, I was trying not to stare as I doubled check to make sure it was the right guy. At this stage, I am now to his left, using the hand dryer, subtly looking to my right (as subtle as one can be in a small enough bathroom). He probably thought I was checking him out. When I saw it was definitely the person I was looking for, I actually started laughing. Which I stopped quickly. In case he thought I was laughing at him in some way. So it’s just a blurt out laugh. Very normal, if you were an outsider looking in. Should I introduce myself to him now, while I have the chance, and have it as a highly awkward moment. Or wait until he at least finishes up? Or just wait until later for the allocated time slot, like everyone else?

Obviously, I did what any sane person would do. I waited for him in the hallway outside the bathroom. Like a weirdo, with a big smile. My charming, mingling smile. Worked well. I think. Maybe. No clue. Managed to say my piece, and he said he’d be interested to hear more, always looking for new ideas etc. sounded like it would suit his department. The way it worked was that it goes through his development editor first, so he gave me her email, set up a meeting, and we’ll take it from there. See, not sure if this was me being passed on again and again. Or if that is just the way it works. We shall see.

Found out that the first meet and greet was with the children’s section editor, so I decided to head to the canteen to get food. The canteen reminded me of being back in L.A actually. Kind of. In the sense that I recognized the person sitting next to me from being on t.v. I also recognized the quite good looking girl to my left, from earlier on at the first coffee break. Time for more networking… Hi (dopey mingling smile) I saw you earlier, by the coffee stuff, in Studio one? “Yeah, just taking a break now, long day” Yeah, very long, I’m wrecked, way too long… all that small talk. Seeing as the buzz at the main lunch was “Are you busy, working away?” I also enquired, which she said she was, very. How about me, what was I up to?

She had given me the green light, so I launched into a spiel about what I am doing, trying this, that and the other. Which she seemed to think was interesting, was I working on anything? This could be handy, maybe team up with a production company. Again, as she gave me the green light, told her about the sitcom I am working on, looking to get feedback while I am back in Ireland etc. And then, seeing as I had blown on about myself for long enough, I asked what she was working on, did she have many shows in production? Which, was met by a puzzled expression… “I work as part of the catering. I’m on my break.” No funking way. Seriously? Again, had to laugh.

The tiredness levels are high, so time to wrap up. If anyone is looking for a professional looking caterer, I now have the number for a good one. And, yes, he did wash his hands. I think. Not sure. Maybe. Did I?

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