Connie & The Connor


After a mighty night on Friday, I woke up early-ish Saturday to play a DJ gig with my buddy. Slowly opening my eyes expecting to see the gin monkey lurking. However, oddly, nowhere to be seen. As in nowhere whatsoever. In fact, I was dancing. Normal hangover. Tired. Flash points of incidents coming back throughout the day. A lot of ‘Oh yeah!’ And rambling. Our drive down to the Porsche store where we were playing was full to the brim with endless and non-stop rambling on to each other. Coherent rambles. Just non-stop. Each of us taking the baton for every ten minute change. Good old hoot. Not such a great hoot when I realised I forgot my headphones for the four hour gig, but I survived. Daytime DJ gigs on! Continue Reading »

Super? Really? No


Bad Sign

No clue why, but I seem to have a fair few superstitions. Somehow I’ve managed to build up an eclectic bundle. Although I’m not fully sure if they even are superstitions. I think it may be OCD, but self diagnosis doesn’t really hold much weight. For example, the volume on the t.v or the radio has to be on an even number. Obviously it doesn’t have to be. However if I notice that the volume is on an odd number, that’s all I can think about. Gives me a slight headache. Depending on where I am, I will either just change it. Or subtly change it. Coughing, pretending something is behind the t.v that I must get, then turning it up or down a notch. Subtly. People are none the wiser. I’m sure. Super work. Continue Reading »

Simply The Yes!

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Yes Man

Some call it a meteoric rise. Others call it idiotic. Most know nothing about it. I am referring, obviously, to my DJ career of late. Here is where I insert a laugh, to show I obviously don’t mean the part about the meteoric rise. So, em, ha, joking. I must admit, there are many pluses to DJ’ing. No one really wants to hear about pluses, or the upside, though. Just seems to annoy people. Particularly Irish people. It is all about what is not so great, or the downside, that tends to entertain.

Off the top of my head, there is only one major negative to DJ’ing. One quick minor aspect is that even though I have over 10, 000 songs at my disposable, for some reason with about half an hour to go in a gig, I always think I will run out of songs to play. Intelligent thinking by me really.

The major downside is far worse in Ireland, than any place I have played in Emerica. Except maybe the one Irish bar in San Francisco. In a word, it is… Continue Reading »