Hundreds & Thousands!


Obviously I knew that Christmas was coming up soon. Start of December and all. It’s about three weeks away. Better start lining up presents to send home. This statement, by me, was met with ‘Christmas is next week.’ Pardon me, what now? Which week? When? Three weeks. Right? At least? Don’t be so silly. Only the start of December. ‘Have a look at the calendar’. Oh dear God. Sweet Jesus, it is your birthday. Next week.

Now usually, there is always the fall-back of present shopping on Christmas eve. When you’re still kind of drunk from the 12 Pubs of Christmas the day before. And end up buying weird enough presents. Also known as crap presents. Asked if you still have the receipt. Just in case. Although, I still think a DVD of Wall-E is a good present to get. Or give. Both, in fact. Seeing as I gave and got it back straight away with a polite decline. Anyways, there was another reason for me being startled about the date. Babook! Need to get more of the written. A lot more. A lot faster. Bunsen burner turned up. Deadline on! Past the fear-of-failing-my exam-if-I-don’t-study, phase. Onto, focus and less A.D.D, stage.

Not Really That Short Itself

So, with that in mind, the blogaruus are going to be shorter for the next while. Seeing as the past few have particularly been tome-like. To say the least. Sprawling gibberish. Never-ending stories. Short and sour shall be the way forward. Need to apply this logic to the book too in fact. Blog length needs culling though. Unless something unreal happens. Which just might at any moment here. Until then, shorter blogaruus. Less words. Written words at least, for this one. Seeing as I will take an easy route, and post a couple thousand words a different way instead. Magically.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of photos. Not sure why exactly. Just not. Don’t like posing for one. Not sure what to do. Unless I don’t know they’re being taken. Or I’m drunk. And I’m also not the best photographer in the world. Usually miss what I was actually intending to photograph. You could say, I hate photos. I am a hater. Haters gonna hate. But I wouldn’t say that. Good to have for drunken memories. And as hate is such a strong word. Which is such an over-used, annoying cliche being used more and more. More of the wrong word. Unless you do actually hate what you’re referring to. Then it’s the right one. Using the other logic, if hate is strong, love must be a weak word? 

Shorter time. Picture paints all those words. Photos are the same. Some from the weekend. The best one from the Lakers game. Gutted I didn’t remember to take more that night! One of me writing an email. And one of a game of rock, paper, scissors with my buddy Chowder! Which we both lost…

Song on…

Daylight – Matt & Kim

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