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A day can make a big difference in L.A. Seven of them can be huge. This time last week I was just starting to get over my freaking out period. The hump was being climbed on and giddied over. Since then, every day has been on the up. Back to the good days of L-Hey. Looking back, you would wonder why bother getting so worked up over small, small issues. A scissors? Some ape. You know 6 months down the line they will mean nothing at all. I know this, yet I was still being an ape. Once an ape… and all that. I seriously do think it was the gin comedown, a drop never again. Now that I’ve moved on from that, I need to get a few things prioritised. Unfortunately today has stagnated big time with the back to basics spoof. Now that things are being ticked off the to-do and get settled list, the slippery slope of bums-ville is creeping upon me.

New levels of procrastinating have been achieved today. Beyond a joke. Embarrassing. I think I’m using my back to basics line as an excuse for not moving on to more important issues. Such as ploughing on with writing the book. Harping on about it. Yet doing absolutely everything possible today not to do it. Sending emails, writing lists, somehow getting rudimentary things out of the way, then giving myself a big pat on the back for doing all of this. I had breakfast. Had a cup of coffee. Had lunch. Researched a new mixer to buy. Realised it was almost four o’ clock. I’d been up since 10.00. And that was all I’d done? Yesterday I thought I was great because I bought a microwave. Well done. Might have an A/C unit in the pipeline for dirt cheap as well out of it. Maybe meet up with microwave girl as well. Well done. Aren’t you funking great?! Some achievements. High five. Funking ape. No more. 

Eleven Bells!

Most of my good work so far has come about at the eleventh hour. Late last night I managed to sort out a DJ gig for myself. Took a bit of charm and work, but finally got it sorted. Happy days. Foot back in the door. Cool bar, cool place to DJ, all was good. However, if that had not come about, yesterday would’ve been a nothing day. Need to utilise the other 23 hours of the day more productively. Speaking of what a difference a day makes, tonight the whole dynamics of the situation was thrown on it’s head. Everything was as sweet as could be. It is amazing no matter what age you are, the words that go something like ‘Uh, my friend likes you’ can throw spanners in even the most finely tuned works. A little drunken chat by my buddy with the manager of the bar kind of happened like that. And messed up with the system that was in place. Now instead of everything being in perfect balance, over-compensating and under-compensating have come into play. With me getting under-compensated in areas where it had previously been poured down my throat. I have faith that the status quo will be restored next time!

See, a day seriously can make a big difference over here. Yesterday I started to think about my stand-up act geared towards an American audience once again. Not going to rush it, but during my freak-out/gin buzz I was trying to think of angles, and nothing was coming into my head. Blank. Which contributed to the freak-out. Now at least, seeds and buds are growing. Story lines are developing, and ridiculous bits of randomness are cropping up that can all be interlinked together. Added to this, it is unreal who you can meet that can help you out in the long run. In the past two days, two buddies have offered up their help and contacts when I’m ready to deliver the goods. Seriously good contacts as well. Able to put me in touch with the exact people I would want to meet to achieve what I want to do. They themselves can shoot and produce what I need to get the ball rolling for the third part of my plan. All I need to do now is sort out the basics, move on and stop procrastinating. I keep getting buds of good stories as well and not getting them to bloom. No-one here (or reading) wants to hear how I spent my day dawdling and being an ape. Highly appealing. At least two productive things need to be done daily!

One Up, One Down

One plus from yesterday was back playing 5-a-side up in Mulholland. I forgot how savage the pitch is up there. The views alone are ridiculous. I think I appreciate the set-up even more after the last 5-a-side game I played which was back in Ireland. In the rain. Looking at a car park. A regular 5-a-side really. I’d probably say this one is the best astro-pitch in the world, in my opinion. Hard to beat it. Unless you find one on top of a sky scraper. Seriously. It would need to be out of this world to trump it. Don’t worry though, to balance that plus out, one negative, which I realise even more now than I had thought initially, was missing out on the Cougar Convention last weekend. Especially after seeing Ms. Cougar USA 2009. Ha, seriously, like the views from the 5-a-side, she defies belief.

Wrapping up, today was a low point for the procrastinating. Didn’t even get to confirm the DJ gig back in the gym as I thought I would this evening. Might just show up tomorrow with my gear and start playing. For the stories and the kind of ridiculously good looking women that go there, that must be sorted fairly soon. As far as today goes though, there was no eleventh hour saving grace. The best I can manage is doing this blogaruu. Must start somewhere, I suppose. A wasteful day overall. To make matters worse today, I went and bought a t-shirt today. One of those things I have hundreds of. Got home and realised I have 5 other t-shirts close to being the exact same. Ape. (Although it is a nice t-shirt!) The nail in the head was that I somehow ended up boozing tonight. Which led to the imbalance in my situation in the bar I’m going to be DJ’ing at. Still though, I’m hoping a day will make a difference once again. A trip to San Fran is on the cards to do a few days of writing. For now, sleep on!

I have a big bucket load of songs piling up. Need to do a blogaruu to lash them out, they have been flowing in since I got back! Two mighty songs I heard yesterday alone…


Two Dots – Luisine

Sub Focus

Could This Be Real – Sub Focus

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