Go Away!

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ApeDrunk packing is not a great idea. If you do ever try it while under the influence, you might end up with two odd runners, a Playstation, a tie, pair of jeans and two shirts. Thankfully, that flight to Germany was cancelled due to fog, so I ended up having a second attempt at that packing fiasco. Not a great idea to pack while drunk. However, the one upside of drunk packing is that it barely takes a minute. Hungover packing, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. If you’re an ape like myself.

Every time I have to get ready to go on a long trip, I convince myself that it will take me about an hour to get everything ready. Every single time it takes me far too long. I started attempting to pack at about five o’clock today. It is now after two in the morning, and I have only just finished up. Barely. Obviously I wasn’t actually packing a bag that whole time. Figuring out what I was going to bring. Making lists. Checking lists. Wrapping things up. Folding. Unfolding. Squishing. Bubble wrapping. Mostly though, I spent a lot of the time staring at my suitcase. Zoning out. Willing the clothes and everything else to somehow just jump in and sort themselves out. By themselves. Without me having to move a hungover muscle.

Runners & Tee

Apparently I have some sort of defect that means I can’t not overpack. I’ve tried. And keep failing. One of my two bags has only runners and tea-bags. T-shirts are my biggest problem. I can’t leave any behind. For example, I stared at one t-shirt in particular today for a very long time. Mulling over whether or not I should bring it with me. Anything that gets left behind at this point is a goner more or less. Trying to remember when was the last time I had even worn that t-shirt. Struggling to remember. Deciding it must’ve been years ago. Deciding I better bring it with me. Just to be safe. Just in case. Of what? All the other 65 t-shirts I have might be dirty? I really don’t know why, but still it is in my bulging suitcase.

Along with numerous and plentiful other similar items. Which won’t be worn. And will not be needed. I think I only ever actually needed to wear a jacket once in L.A. Yet I have numerous jackets, hoodies, zip-ups, and jumpers now packed. Do I really need them all? Ah well I might. If I happen to go skiing or snow boarding perhaps. It’d be cold then. Seeing as I do both regularly. Ape. Hungover packing is tough. Very tough. 


The reason for all the packing is that the return to L.A is on! Wuu duu. Finally! In fact, my flight is in 4 hours. Wuu huu. My plan of trying to readjust my sleep so I’ll hit the ground working is maybe not such a great plan after all. By depriving myself of more sleep? Great plan. All a bit quickly done but one foul swoop is the only way!

Speaking of great plans, I think it’s about time that people reconsider the going away party set-up. As in the actually having a party with banners part. I got two invites to going away parties next week. Thankfully, I can’t go to either. Won’t be here. More importantly, I want to go to neither. One person is going to be back for Christmas. Less than two months? Arranging a party for that? I have a buddy going away for the long weekend soon, I wonder if he’ll have a party for that as well? And the other person I’m not really friends with. So I’m not too sure why I got an invite to a party for someone who is going away and I don’t even really know where they’re going. Where? Off traveling? Yeah, I’d love to come to the party!

It’d be different if you were going to Mars. And never coming back. Or back in the days when you were starving, the potatoes were infected and you took a boat to get to America. And were never coming back. Or back before the internet, emails, Skype, Facebook, texting, cheap flights and all that were around. Or if you were told you have one day to live. Then having a going away party would seem justified. If none of these are factors though, then I don’t really see the great need for throwing a going away party. If anything, the party should be after you leave. Gone. Wuu. Got rid of him. Celebrations. With that in mind, I’m having a big ‘Go Away’ party Halloween night in Cork. Everyone is invited. I expect ye all to be there. Particularly people I barely know. L.A on!!!


Ambling Alp – Yeasayer

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