Got Stood Up?


Last week I finally giddied back up on the horse. Stand up sit down one. Aboot time. One might say. She has been a while. By my reckoning a couple months shy of a year. Long enough. Day of the show. Usual gibber… Ah shur I don’t actually even like doing it (Still debatable whether or not I actually do enjoy it. On the day. Covering my back. You know. Just. In. Case). Followed by me wondering if I had enough material for my set. Followed by writing a few pages more worth of gibber. Quantity. You know. Just in case. Followed be a few cocktails to calm the nerves. Back. Good to go. Thankfully. Turns out to be a…

Location Wise... Pure Talent.

Funny old night. Stand-up set went well. All things considered. First time doing it in the Comedy Store. Cool enough spot. No deaths on stage. In fact. They even asked me me back the following night. Rambled on once again aboot a gay horse. Tried out some new material. Although still not sure if my material was what got the laughs. Or more my accent and the fact I’m from Ireland. Either is fine though. What with it being one of only my two skills and all: From Ireland; Live in L.A. All aboot location.

Maybe I was asked back the next night as well seeing as a certain buddy came along to watch me spout gibber. One of the funnier parts of the nights was seeing the people in charge part the red sea for me when they realised Craig Robinson had come along to see my accent. I mean act. Good work by American Craig. Although the funniest part of the night might’ve been the amount I got paid at the end… $13. Ha. One. Three. Thirteen. Dollars. Wuu. Where does that figure even come from?! Never checked it when I was handed the massive wad. Assumed it was a completely different figure. Still though… Better than a kick in the balls?

Flog The Vlog!

As I said though. Funny old night. Mighty night in fact. Few celebrations after it. May have jumped in the pool. May have found my card with credit in the pool the next day. May only be Joe King. Anyways. I was going to just horse up footage of my accent from that night… Tut… Act that night. However. Unfortunately for all concerned. I decided to melt it together with other scraps of footage I’ve shot at over the past month or so. Shaky footage has been building up so it was either delete all. Or put my immense editing skills to use. Barely any stand-up left. Can’t give it all away. Time for vlogaruu number 2! Duu. Only been a year since the first one in Irish. No Irish this time. Just pure and utter randumb gibberish. Might be even harder to understand. Still have to get over my ego and talking into a camera oddness. She shall come! Apologies in advance… The banana.. The eggs… And the rest. Vlogaruu on! Here is the heap that has been created…

Finally. Added a new share button to le blogaruu. Amazing. I know. Feel free to pass her aboot! Ahem. And if anyone is in Wehoooo next Tuesday (August 10th) I shall be back prancing on stage in the Comedy Store. Aboot 9 bells. Come along. Laugh at/with on!

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