Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Mighty weekend of DJigging. Go on the rent! 16 hours of jigging later. Pre-tty musique’d out. Only one thing to do… Write an old music blogaruu! Obviously. Buckets of blogaruus piling up. Time to churn. Splatter on. Mighty night last night, music wise at least. People exclaiming. Gushing throughout… ‘This is the greatest music night of my life!!!’ Thank you. If only the songs were actually mine… Re de de. Although one guy did complain. He who came from the land Down Under. Thought we shared a bond. As I come from the land called Ireland? Strong bond. Told me my music was very white. Too white. Odd. Seeing as he was white. And I was playing a Jay-Z song at the time. Well done. And then he asked for Lady Gaga. Always one. Back to none of the music being mine… Wrote a poem the other night. High on candle wax. (Bought a candle. Not sure why again. Seems to be laced with something). So, high on my candle wax wings, this came along…

Float. On!
I am a fish. You are the gills.
Without or without...
Doesn't really matter?
The End.

Ehh… Go on the candle wax wings! Oh Jesus. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »