Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Incredible news. Really amazing. Really relevant. Really unbelievable. Really insignificant. Really. However. Still. In fairness to her big day. Credit to le blogaruu. She’s being going aboot a year to the day. Isn’t that just amazingly incredibly insignificantly unbelievably irrelevantly pointless news to everyone! One year out of the writing closet. Coinciding with editing what I think is the final draft of my first book. Mr. Myles Stone. Take a bow. Who knows where you’ll be this time next year. For now. Just sit. And wait for your medal. Which I presume is being delivered as we speak. Hope it’s a nice shiny triangular copper one. Your favourite. On a less serious tone, I do have a big music blogaruu lined up. Just don’t have the time yet with the editing going on. Soon though. I swear. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »