Tweeting Out Man!


Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of) – Teen Daze

Past few days have been spent galavanting aboot good old San Fran! Forgot how mighty it is up here. Not quite up there with L-Hey but still dancing on in her own way. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s actually a city with streets that have people and tall buildings which run parallel to other streets that are filled with more buildings and people who are all scurrying around by foot and there’s a centre to the city which is actually downtown and all this is walkable or tram-able and it’s a city! As opposed to a sprawled barren desert. Which does have streets. But the good ones are all about a 5 minute drive from each other. And go on for miles. And all the good stuff is spread out over those miles along these streets. So you can only really drive. Which means you then just spend a lot of your time sitting in traffic. Which is fun. I suppose. But a city buzz does make a nice change.

Although the fact that all the folk I know in San Fran are so sound and I haven’t seen them in so long might be more of the reason why it is so mighty here. Ridiculously sound. Go on the Irish! Go on the people understanding my accent! Go on the endless levels of boozing on! Go on the use of ‘sch’ instead of just ‘s’‘Schome nice pint of Schtella. Divil a bit.’ Whatever divil a bit actually means (Anyone?). Go on the endless cups of tea! Chats about tea! Go on the Irish-ness! Reason I’m up in San Fran was to go to my cousin’s wedding. Mighty night, to be true. Day after. Maybe the day after that too. Might has been flowing! An added reason for the trip is so I can get some writing done. Well actually, some reading first, and then some writing. Read. And. Write. Dance. On. Plan. On. Reading part has been going well. Ish. Wuu! Writing part has been… Well… Tut… Honestly… I have a problem. Another, says you. Divil a bit, says an Irish man. Problem must stop. Ruining me. Need help. Starting to Tweet the funk out man!! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Incredible news. Really amazing. Really relevant. Really unbelievable. Really insignificant. Really. However. Still. In fairness to her big day. Credit to le blogaruu. She’s being going aboot a year to the day. Isn’t that just amazingly incredibly insignificantly unbelievably irrelevantly pointless news to everyone! One year out of the writing closet. Coinciding with editing what I think is the final draft of my first book. Mr. Myles Stone. Take a bow. Who knows where you’ll be this time next year. For now. Just sit. And wait for your medal. Which I presume is being delivered as we speak. Hope it’s a nice shiny triangular copper one. Your favourite. On a less serious tone, I do have a big music blogaruu lined up. Just don’t have the time yet with the editing going on. Soon though. I swear. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »