Dumb… Yes. Weird… ?


Something weird and dumb to start with. Something that might help someone someday to finish up with. I am aware that this story is quite dumb. I’m just wondering if the weird part is as weird to other people as it is to me? Earlier this evening, went to the gym. When I got out of my car, I noticed that there were two people in the car next to me. Two dudes, just sitting in the back seat of another car. Nobody in the front seats. However, at the time, I thought nothing of it. Into the gym, late enough so rushing through a few different exercises. Dead enough in there, yet I still ended up sharing a machine with one dude. Big huge Polish guy. Kind of looked like this…


Wearing a similar outfit too.

Even though I was using the machine first, I got the impression that he was annoyed we had to share. As a result, I might’ve used it slower than normal, really getting the burn! Probably not though, but again, at the time, thought nothing of it. To ease any tension, I put my iPod on the main speakers as no music was playing, and that seemed to please him for a while. Thumbs up from Dolph’s friend at least. 

Anyways, comes to 10′ o clock, gym is closing, everyone is leaving. As in 3 of us. Dolph and his buddy are in front of me going down the stairs. I am trying to put on my hoodie, and walk down the stairs. Attempting to do two things at once. I have a bad track record with multi-tasking. Oh, and I was carrying a full bottle of water as well, so kind of doing three things. I am struggling with the sleeve of the hoodie. Even though my hand is coming out of the sleeve, my elbow is caught by the shoulder or something like that. Hand that I am holding the bottle of water with sticking out, elbow stuck. My  iPod and car keys in my other hand. A lot was going on. I yank my elbow through with a few swings of my arm. The hood slides down over my eyes. Elbow slides into place. And the bottle of water flies out of my hand with the final yank.

It is a wide stairs. There are plenty of places where that bottle could’ve ended up. However, it decided to go straight into the back of Dolph’s head. Lower head, top of back area to be exact. Didn’t really have a neck. Just filled to the brim as well before I left, so it was a nice clunk that caught him. Pure dumbness. I obviously didn’t mean to do it. But he’s not going to think that. It’s not like the bottle just fell on the stairs and rolled past him down the steps. Clunk, into the back of the head. He turns around, with a surprised, quizzical look. I can see clearly that he is piecing together what just happened. Where did this surprise attack come from?  Finally, as in after a few seconds, he bellows out what was I doing, do I have a problem, and tries to kick out at the water bottle. His buddy now turns around as well, looking at me too. He didn’t seem as aggressive or big when he was giving me a thumbs up earlier about the music. Maybe it was just the different light on the stairs, but he was now giving me this kind of look…

Van Damme

For another few seconds, we had a stalemate on the stairs. Dolph explaining quickly to his buddy in Polish what just happened. Me trying to quickly comprehend exactly what did just happen. Also, not too happy that Dolph tried to kick my innocent bottle. Then again, I did technically just fling it at his head, so I was probably more in the wrong. Thankfully, my attempts at explaining the scenario worked. It was probably too dumb an incident for him to think I a grudge that we had to share a machine. I’d say it was more the fact that they are friends with my old buddy Boris, as it turned out. Looks like I will be making all those mixed CDs after all. Not a bother lads, write up those lists of songs, apologies about the bottle into the head again. Bit of a blur, but I might have committed to taking Boris out for a night on the town as well. Either way, a few thumbs up later, and it was all smoothed over.

All of that is fine. That was the dumb part. The weird part is this. Dolph owned the car that I was parked next to. The one with the two guys in the back seat. As I sat into my car, gave him a thumbs up goodbye, he pulled out the keys to his car, opened it up, then him and his buddy got into the car. Didn’t say anything to the guys in the back seat. Just drove off. He opened up the car as well, I saw the back seat locks pop up, so the others were locked in? For about 50 minutes, they just sat in the back seat of a car. While the other two worked out? Thats what I can’t understand. Maybe there’s nothing to understand. Seems weird to me though. Then again, I can’t seem to put on a hoodie without consequences, so maybe it is not weird, and I’m just dumb?

I have rambled on enough. The something that might be useful is writing related but that can wait until tomorrow. Good to go out on a cheated note, false advertising out of me really!!! Two songs to make up for the short changed feeling…

Both chilled. First was just recommended to me, and is on its 5th play already. Always a good sign. Good work Mr Condon, good video as well…


Two – The Antlers

And, to cap it all off, I like this song too…

Beat RadioClosing Scene – Beat Radio

2 thoughts on “Dumb… Yes. Weird… ?

  1. Such a good album. Saddening to hear what it’s all about though…
    Try ‘Kettering’ aswell, my favourite one i think.

    • Just read up about it this morning, bad alright. Two has me hooked so far. Managed to find a few more random gem songs along the way as well from hunting them down so happy days. Keep the gems coming!

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