Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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I get the feeling that Christmas in L.A shall be a tad weird. Listening to Wham and the Pogues, when it’s roasting outside, is throwing me off sync. Just like Last Christmas coming on the radio in the middle of summer. My body and brain are struggling to compute the changes. Another change I am struggling to get to grips with is doubling the amount of songs in this segment. Demand is there. Time is not at the moment though. Although if I get the double the money then 10 songs on! Anyways, enough talk, more music!!!

1. Love Lust – King Charles

Random Useless Fact: Apparently he once rescued a baby giraffe from the jaws of a jackal. All useless facts should start with ‘Apparently’.

2. Xtatic Truth (Xtra Loud Mix) – Crystal Fighters

R.U.F: Apparently, a five-piece comprising two English guys, one Americano and two Spanish girls. Apparently. I only see four in that photo.

3. Black Is The Colour Of My Heart – Monarchy

R.U.F: Apparently, this is only a demo!

4. My Love Sees You – Beni

R.U.F: One half of electro duo Riot In Belgium.

5. Shine Blockas (Feat. Gucci Mane) – Big Boi

R.U.F: I am starving. And ATLiens by Outkast is a magnificent beast of an album!

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