Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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How gutting was the Irish match last night. Ridiculous. How bad is my hangover. Very. How brief will this intro be. Brief… enough talk, more music!!!


The Drums

Song 1: Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums

This song is pretty funking catchy. And good. Hints of The Cure and Joy Division, mixed with surf-rock. NME have called them ‘New York’s Coolest New Band.’

Random Useless Fact: Actually come from Florida

Matias Aguayo

Song 2: Rollerskate – Matias Aguayo

Have you ever gotten the urge to go roller-skating?! Me neither. However, the thought of it does briefly enter my head while listening to this song.

R.U.F: Likes to throw bumbumbox parties – unannounced street parties in Buenos Aires.


Song 3: Get Mama A House – Teddybears

There are too many good bands coming out of Sweden. Here is another one, with a new song.

R.U.F: This song began as a television ad jingle!

Nid And Sancy

Song 4: My Agitator (Headshotboyz Remix) – Nid And Sancy

Stumbled upon this song somewhere and even though it has taken me a week or so, I am now a fan. I think the bleeps and bass line have reeled me in.

R.U.F: They were forced to cancel a tour as their entire backline was stolen while playing a gig in London. Backline, equipment, tomato, potato.

Jesus Christ (The Indie Band)

Song 5: Is This Really What You Want? – Jesus Christ (The Indie Band)

The name of a band threw me off at first. Weird song as well. In a good way though. It has been a hungover choice of music.

R.U.F: Prefer to be described as a ‘sound project.’

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