Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Past few days have been full on nuts. Mental. The Man is back in town. With a mighty bang! Crazy stuff. Giddy up the good life. Bumping elbows with some of the biggest A-listers there are (Forest who?). Realising I may have a stalker on my hands. DJigging a pool party at one of the best pools in LA. Non-stop weekend of fun. So much so that I did not even realise that it was no longer May. April ended on a dancing note. My gibber dish is full to the brim. Overflowing. Ready to spew out. Unfortunately, I have been beaten down big time all day. Convulsing. Bent over. Picked up a bug of some sort. (Or. I was poisoned… Stalker?!) Tremendous fun. Barely able to walk. Talk. Eat. Or drink. Couldn’t even stomach porridge. Quite shocking. Sleep is needed. Hence a short and sour blogaruu. Fortunately, the music dish is flowing. Time to spout some out. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »




Even though I made the slowest possible start to the week, the writing has actually been trundling along nicely. Still though, even today I have caught myself pointlessly procrastinating away chunks of my day. Time, once again, to name and shame. Needs to be done to keep me on my toes. Hopefully then, I can avoid repeating these specifics ones at a later date.

1. Hit the off button instead of snooze on my alarm. Woke up, and blamed my alarm for not going to snooze. Blamed my alarm. No one else around. Just to fool myself. I knew I was hitting the off button. Continue Reading »