Just The Tip O’ The, I Swear…

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End of the year. Wuu. Great time. People copying and pasting inspirational quotes all over the place. So that’s deep and profound.  Also a wonderful time of year for people feeling an immense desire to give you their Best of Year Lists. Top 100 Moments of 2011! Top 84 Songs of the Year! Top 34 of Nothing! Thankfully, I shall not be doing this. Nay, nay. I’ll just be doing the tip, I swear…

My list shall consist of mighty things that happened in 2011 that I can think of off the top of my head right now. In absolutely zero order. Pure. Gibber. Mayhem.

And we’re off… Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Randumb Experience!


I Can’t Go For That (Member’s Only Remix) – Halls & Oates

Earlier today I saw an offer from an author on Twitter. Buy my book in bulk. Get an experience in return. Buy 75 books: Get a personalised thank you video. Buy 350 books: Have a one hour chat with me on Skype. That kind of thing. Book whuring full on. Honestly I found it pre-tty bizarre. I’m happy when someone buys one copy of Randumb. Who would buy in bulk like that? Was this not just a way to buy your way into the Amazon or New York Times Bestseller charts?! Why did it reek of used car salesman techniques?! Focus. What am I having for lunch!?

Anyways. Apparently. It works. People like to do this kind of thing. Amazing. I know. The author in question (Gary Vaynerchuk) told me he got 100’s of people doing it for his first book. No way… Yes way. Interesting. Got me thinking. Perhaps it’s time for an ultimate Randumb experience. You buy my mighty book. In return. Personally touched. By. Me. Wuu! Duu? So. Here are the mighty experiences I and my team of I have come up with. Please form an orderly queue. Touch on! Continue Reading »

Owen’s Bad. You’re Worse.

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Herbert The Pervert

Now that I have detoxed from all the booze from the first three days, I can see the light again. About time. Ditched my enemy. Out to sabotage me. Doing his best to freak me out. Good old Owen. He did well yesterday. If Saturday to Tuesday were the best cluster of days I’ve had in L.A that I can remember, yesterday was a low point. With only one person to blame. I started looking up flights at one stage. Did not want to be here. Not on a plane either though. Didn’t really want to be anywhere. Went looking for a hole to hide in. Failed. Instead, I just did well freaking myself out. Pointlessly. I blame the gin. Continue Reading »




Even though I made the slowest possible start to the week, the writing has actually been trundling along nicely. Still though, even today I have caught myself pointlessly procrastinating away chunks of my day. Time, once again, to name and shame. Needs to be done to keep me on my toes. Hopefully then, I can avoid repeating these specifics ones at a later date.

1. Hit the off button instead of snooze on my alarm. Woke up, and blamed my alarm for not going to snooze. Blamed my alarm. No one else around. Just to fool myself. I knew I was hitting the off button. Continue Reading »