Oh Deary Me…


Midnight Voyage – Ghostland Observatory

I’m not sick. Look at that photo! Listen to that song! No sick person would be in that frame of mind… Right!? So this shall be short and sweet. As I am not sick. Which is mighty. Work on, positive spoof! Tiring work not being sick. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect it would probably be less tiring just to actually be sick. As opposed to continuing on as normal. Feeling swimmingly in the process. And by swimmingly… Ape-ish, dizzy, light-headed, hang on, I need to sit down. Mighty. Anyways. Not sick. Self-medicate all the way. Mind truly wandering and rambling. Until I need to sit down. Attention span of a meerkat. Creative is nay. Real world productivity is high. Fun week all round! See. Here are the highlights!

A One:

Someone somewhere came up with this new wise old Irish proverb:

“Like an owl dressed up as a clown, the wise may be in disguise.”

Proverb. On!

And A Two:

No phone for the past three days. ApeT&T cut me loose for no, and I mean no reason. (Just canceled my SIM card. Why AT&T, why?! At least give me a reason! Make something up. Don’t just brush me off. Tell me!!! I miss you). Bull. Sugar. Apes. On the upside, to compensate for my phone not working for the past 3 days and as a result missing out on phone calls aboot DJigs – cheers again ApeT&T – they have kindly told me I can collect a new SIM card from any store. Thank you. Nice one. Happy days. Over my old SIM anyways. Even better, they have also kindly given me… $1. A voucher, for one dollar. A FULL $1!?! … I hear you scream. I know!!! I whisper back. What apes!? Would’ve settled for half that. Oh ApeT&T. How I chumped you. You baboon of an ape. See… What a highlight!!!

Not Short. Tad Bitter.

So yeah. As I mentioned… Self-medicating. So perhaps let’s blame this gibber on that reason. Hopefully tomorrow I shall be even less not sick. More not sick. Better? Better. Bed wetter. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be wetting beds. Big weekend! Irish folk in town. As in actual friends. Not the kind who I don’t really know but they know I live in L.A and want to meet up and offer that I can be their tour guide even though we wouldn’t meet up if we were in Ireland. Not those kind of friends. And not friends of friends who my friends have kindly offered me up as a sacrificial lamb to be their tour guide around L.A as I know all the places they would like to see and maybe I could actually foot the bill and treat them to a night out so that they will feel welcome and I should really give them a free book too if I have one lying around so that they can get an idea of life in LA and best of all, luckily for me, these friends are all really good looking girls so it’s actually me that’s lucky to be getting to meet them! Oh lucky funking me! And then I see a photo. And see that they are far from how they have been described.

So. Not like those kind of friends that I do adore getting offers to meet with. Actual buddies. People who know my old Irish telephone number. First time anyone of this sort has been in L-Hey. Not that any are actually here specifically to visit but pass on through all the way! My hallowed tour guide skills shall be put to the test… Here is the pub. Enjoy! Halloween also marks the triumphant anniversary of the return of the bed-wetting ape! (Book heads, ye should know what I’m on aboot!) Should be fun. Might be a tad barren on the blogaruu front until apres. Although hopefully an old vlogaruu tomorrow. Until then. Nyquil on!

(Also. Kind of forget why I gave it this title. Something to do with writing emails to myself as I had no phone to send texts. I’m sure it was mighty. Sure. My attention span kept turning his meerkat head. Tut. Gibber off… Halloween on!!!)

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