It’s Like Living The Life, You Know, Unreal…


Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

So my younger sister Sarah has been in L.A for the past week. Finishing off her J1 summer. Final hurrah in L-Hey. Usually I dodge like a duck when people are in town. Tour guide duties are a full-time job. Single parent duties and all that. Plus, sometime people seem to demand to be entertained by LA. Not able to relax until they’ve spotted a celebrity. And then it’s not good enough for their celeb standards… Meh, I’ve seen better. Only Brad Pitt. It’d be different if we bumped into someone like Justin Bieber. Oh yeah, sorry about that. Or else folk go out of their way not to be impressed, no matter how impressive. Until they finally just give in and admit to enjoy it. However, being my wonderful sister and all, I said OK so, you can stay with me. Here’s a tent and a pillow, sleep down by the pool.

All jokes aside, it has been mighty having her here. Splendid breath of fresh air. First of all, she’s chilled. Duck to water. Secondly, she’s not too cool to enjoy things. No Daria complex. Thirdly, she loved every minute of it. Everything was unreal. Everything was eye-openingly amazing. Everything made it the best week of her life, like. All of which reminded me: LA. Is. Savage.

Fun Dumb

More or less a normal week. Normal in the randumb LA way that you don’t really know what’s going to happen. In one week, she managed to do the following…

  • Spend the day chilling poolside at a $10, 000, 000 mansion in the Hollywood hills, sipping on her first glass (or three) of champagne. Nay shabby.
  • Wine and dine in one of the best restaurants in LA. Almost drop her fork in shocked delight as one of her favourite rappers (Drake) walked in and sat down at the table next to her. On the downside, she did spill her peas all over the floor.
  • Go for a stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and bump into the cast of her favourite TV show (Jersey Shore. Don’t judge her too much.) Once again, shake with delight/shock.
  • Hang out in the house of one of her favourite singers. Smile with delight and saucer shaped eyes the whole time.
  • Have a cup of tea and a chat with another one of her favourite singers in the same abode. Managed to maintain her composure throughout. She did well.
  • Spent her mornings lying by my pool. Better tan in a week than I got all summer. I told her the tent was a great call!

She did also learn a valuable LA lesson: There is always something going on. Decided to stay in one night and watch a new episode of Jersey Shore instead of coming watch me DJ… Ah no, I’ll just chill tonight I think, thanks though. Not too happy when I told her Snooki and Pauly D happened to be hanging out next to the DJ booth in the hotel where I was playing. Along with a load of single Jews. Dose. Clown! Missed out. Could’ve become best buds with a drunk little gypsy!

World's Greatest Brother... Thank You

Anyway, besides those activities and the likes of going to the Observatory, hanging out with my buddies, having me make her cups of tea while I soulfully sang conversations to her throughout the day, every day (so annoyingly, like) it was a mighty week. Dancing all round. Or as she so eloquently put it herself…

It’s like I’m living the life, you know, hard to describe to people… It’s unreal!

Obviously all that was down to my wonderful tour guidance counsellor ability. And everyone else who actually set-up most of everything listed above. In no way was that statement purely related to the celebrity encounters which unfolded. All me. Thank you. Sadly for Sarah, she did miss the mighty 10 hour DJ set I ended up playing yesterday. Long day. Good hoot though. Went through the seven stages of music. Whatever they may be. All kinds of everything rattled out. Here are a few gems that got a whirl at some point. Great blog. I know. Thanks. Still #1. Dance on…

The Walk – Mayer Hawthorne

Bounce – Calvin Harris

Little White Doves – Dirty Vegas

I Don’t Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe) – The Magician

Nothing To Worry About – Peter, Bjorn & John

Pop Culture – Madeon

In This Shirt (RYXP EDIT) – Röyksopp

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