A Jester’s Gesture

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Indian Sun – Mean Lady

Halloween truly is the mightiest of them all in L-Hey. Complete dancer of a weekend! Unfortunately. What goes up must tumble stumble and spiral all the way down. Now feeling absolutely battered. Normal blogaruu will follow along. Can barely raise a smile en ce moment. However. Poems have been oddly flowing along (Poets still are the highest paid of them all in society… Right?!) Gibber on!!

Randumb Useless Fact: Shakespeare used jesters as symbols of common sense and honesty.

A Jester's Gesture
Is it better to be the King 
Or the King's poet? 
Dropping verbal bombs 
He wouldn't even know it 
And what he didn't know 
Was what he couldn't see 
Oh to be the King... 
And a poet like me!

Randumb Useless Fact: Old women can be creeps too.

Oh you dance so pretty
And you dance so free, 
Why don't you come over here pretty
Do that dance for me.

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