Dancing With Leperchauns

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Maybe I’m just a wee bit of a funking idiot. Maybe it’s just because I had an average day and night. Maybe I just didn’t celebrate it the right way. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to go to a parade. Or. Maybe. Perhaps. Paddy’s Day. Is. Quite over-rated. Ridiculously so? Maybe if I was American. And needed to feel more Irish. As it is the cool thing to be. To be true. Perhaps. Or. If I worked a 9-5 job and got the day off work, just to celebrate. Then. Perhaps. Paddy’s Day might live up to the hype. However. I am not. I do not. Instead. Tried too hard. Thought too much. Hype machine. Overload. Hyperventilating. Brown bag. Hi Pip. Meet ape.


Foolishly, I do think I let myself buy into the hype. Ate too much in the day or two before. People asking are you excited. So great for you. Congratulations. Well done. An Irish man, in L.A, on Paddy’s Day, that is amazing!!! Yay! You’ve achieved so much to be here today! Take a bow. Have a seat. Here’s a shot. Get in the photo. Incredible. Wuu. Wuu for you! Hook. Line. Bought. Sold. Dope. Yes! Yes, this is such a great day for me! Going to be amazing! Must get obliterated drunk. Dance with leprechauns! Be green. Go green. Drink green. Wear green!!! Build her up. Shovel on that hype! Giddy with anticipation!!! Oh my God this day will rock my sham-socks off!!! And then. Predictably. Over. Ate. It. Hype. Balloon. Burst.

Although maybe I should’ve embraced it even more like the Yanks I met throughout the day. Like my neighbour who gushed to me about her cat. Her cat. Who was also Irish. Mighty. Thank you? Or like the guy I met last night, who was on seven different shades of speed. Embracing that I was Irish. Embracing that I was just DJ’igging. Embracing that there were free mints in the bathroom. Embracingly offering me one of his seven shades, and one for my leprechaun?!! Pretty sure he would have embraced a demented Irish cat as well though, so not a great gauge. Maybe it was because everyone was Irish, that my one of two talents didn’t shine so brightly. We’re in LA. But now everyone claims to be Irish? Oh Jesus. I have no edge! Or. Maybe. Leprechauns had something to do with it. Knowing the truth about them. That they are a lot like Santa. Real. Obviously. But. Just. They’re not as fun drunkards, as people commonly think. Actually. Abusive drunks. Like to beat. So maybe I don’t romanticise them as much. Perhaps. Oh Jesus.

Green Goblins

Might of had something to do with the fact that I forgot to wear a green t-shirt. So once again this year, some people didn’t believe I was Irish. Seeing as I didn’t wear green in the gym. Or wear green while out DJ’igging. Even though, dumbly, I did consciously make the effort to wear green for the jig. And ended up wearing a white top. With some green. That looked all white. When in the dark club. So that was well done by me. Well done. Go green. Go me. Didn’t wear green. Forgot to wear green. Must not be Irish. Must not be. If you’re not in green. Not Irish. Obviously. Hindsight. Should’ve done. Worn my leprechaun outfit. Just sitting in my wardrobe. Wasting away.

Perhaps it was down to the fact I didn’t get a medal at the end of the day for being Irish. Not even a pot of gold. In fact, I didn’t even get drunk. Maybe the hype of that turned me off. You should be drunk all day, you’re Irish! Should I? Well if you’re expecting me to be drunk, then I maybe I just wont. Resist. Fight. Maybe DJigging played a part. More concerned about that, than getting drunk. At least other people were dancing. Mighty jigging going on! Water only being shipped into the booth though. By the time the set was over, the night was almost over. Chasing a hyped up high. Get drunk. Because it’s the thing you should be doing. Or. Chase off. Hype over. Quits. Done. Dusted. Night over. Early doors. Letting down the Irish, to be whure.

Right All Along

Maybe it had nothing to do with any of that. Maybe. Perhaps. It’s book related. Book done. Book break. Break done. Now what? Changing of  the abnormal routine. Still though. Routine of some sort. Break her up. Now back to the day time. Black hole sun. Unknown. Re-acclimatizing. What to do? Actually, I do know what I must do. Mighty meeting the day before Paddy’s Day. Feeding me with ideas. Promote. Tour. Attract. Record. Build. Do it all. Do it now. Mountain of work. No time for getting drunk on a Wednesday. Work to be done. Maybe it had something to do with that. Maybe. Or. Maybe. Definitely. More that I’m just an idiot. Who put the hype before the porn horse. Didn’t get drunk. But still somehow feels hungover. Maybe. That’s. It. Leper on!

Superfast Jellyfish (feat. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul) – Gorillaz

On Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz

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