Gazing With Boars

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Without really realising it, it went from being Friday, to being Tuesday. You could say the past few days have been a bit of a daze. You could. But not really true. More that I’ve just been in a daze. For the past few days. I know why too. But I’ll get back to that. Friday night. Decided. Needed to go get drunk. My brain was milling and mulling over the most minutiae of details, for a draft re-write of sorts. Needed a break. Went to a new club opened in WeHo. Hot place. Supposedly. Haute.

Wild? Nope. Good At Looking

Looked good. Music was good. Full of good looking people. Good enough night. Grand. Laugh. Nothing amazing though. To be true. Might have picked the wrong location for my mission. Either a club full of good looking people who happened to be bored. Or else boring people who merely looked good. I wonder which? Can easily trick you into thinking the club is better than you initially think. Ticks most of the right boxes. Except for the fun folk. Where are the wild boars?! These hot bhures are giving me nada! At one stage a girl asked me was this where ‘Young Hollywood‘ come? I don’t know. I’m drunk Irish. Or I shall be. Once I leave here early. Head to Barneys for two quick pitchers. And fall asleep having accomplished the mission.

Run Free Inner Ape

Next day. Highly hungover. However, good kind of hangover. Which I forgot I actually like. Ones I get when I don’t really expect too much from the night. Or don’t really want much out of it, so don’t build it up. Went out. Got drunk. Went home. Woke up. Happy days. Happy hangover. Type where your mind runs off free. Let loose. Completely. Delving deep into seeing things in a new light. Realising a lot of stuff. Most of which is blatantly obvious. Such as, walking around L.A makes you see far more than if driving was always the way. And venturing off on your own seems to allow for a lot more things to happen. Obvious.


Most of which is also highly pointless. Such as, strolling around. Dazing. Thinking about names. Deep in thought. Thinking. Conundrum. Wondering how do people manage to name their new born babies. Struggling with character’s names. Particularly as I’m a narcissistic ape at times. Not having fully developed some of the other characters. Working on them. Names. Must fit the bill. Can’t use certain ones. Don’t want to use other ones. Issues. Names. Evoke an image. Getting Spud from Trainspotting stuck in my head. Great name. Names. Actually, what’s the name of that dude over there? Do I know him? He keeps looking. I do know him, the funny guy from the gym!

Don’t actually know his name. Works in the gym. Big huge afro. Flamboyant as funk. Over the top. Starts off flash mob dancing for certain songs. Saw him. Sitting outside a cafe. Walking past. Looking in my direction. Stopped. Greeted him with hungover enthusiasm. Hiya boyo! How’s life?! And then he took off his big sunglasses. ‘Heeey, how ere ewe?’ And I then realised it was not the boyo from the gym. Just another flamboyant dude who looked a lot like him. Eh, not too bad. Would I like to join you for French toast? Unfortunately I must go continue on with my stroll. Ok. Good talk. Good duck.

Dazing, Gazing & Grazing

As I wandered off again, I noticed a different dude looking at me the same way. Did I know him as well? No. Definitely not. Wondered what he was looking at. So intently. Which is when it all summed itself up. In a word. Gazing. Usually people might glance at one another as they walk by on the street. Here, most of the time, guys gaze at each other. Which I’ve gathered means one thing. Gaze. Gazing. Glance. Nothing. Anyways, now I won’t wonder anymore what that guy was actually looking at. If I knew him in some way? If he’s a nutter, perhaps? Or if I just have something on my face? Nay. Most of the time. Just looking. To hook up. Using my presumptuous logic at least. Which is what I presume the dude with the afro and sunglasses thought when a hungover ape just stopped to say hiya boyo!

Definitely? Definitely. Well. Now. Definitely. 

See, pointless realisations to be true. Thankfully, just before I got home, I stopped one more time while crossing the street. Realising. Deciding. Not as pointless. Which names I was going to go with. Suited the best. Done. And dumb. Car beeped me out of my daze. Did stop halfway across the street. Driver having a hernia. Even though the green man was still green. Ape. Went home. Packed up my stuff. Moved to my new apartment. With the help of Chowder, a mighty man! Unpacked. Sat down. Wrote the re-write of sorts throughout the night. All a daze. Emailed it to the editor. Slept. Woke up. Realised. Almost there with the book. Happy days.

Until I just decided a few minutes ago which names I was actually going to go with. But that’s just another pointless realisation. Songs on…

22 – Wakey! Wakey!

I Was Drunk (Feat. Noze) – Riva Starr

Down In Mexico – The Coasters

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