Find Me A Job!!!


Job hunting in LA for something cheap and cheerful is turning out to be nigh on impossible. After trying the old reliable Irish bars that seem to be run by Mexicans who couldn’t understand my Irish accent, I branched out to other bars in Hollywood. However, still to no avail. I was told to try everything on Craigslist. So after a while I started finding jobs for nightclub promotions, I thought, wuu duu, something I can do. Applied for a job, got a reply setting up an interview. 

Threw on my best shirt and went to their Beverly Hills office, group interviews. Myself and a 19 year old punk rocker with a Mohawk went in. I knew something was dodge straight away when the girl interviewing us, said she was interviewing us together because we had the same look and would work well together. Sure. Next she told us how impressed she was with both of us, even though neither brought our CV, or knew anything about the company. Felt something was dodge but I was distracted by her tales of being VIP in the clubs, the people we’d meet, etc… I bit the bait.
Great day, I got the job, on the spot. We were asked to go to an event that night, mingle and get to know people. I was tired, so told her I would hold off until the Saturday, she said no problem. Then an hour later I get a text saying she’s sorry, family emergency in Texas, she had to leave the company, here’s the owner’s number, he’d sort me out, apologies we couldnt work together. Very odd, text was sent at close to 1 in the morning too.
Next day, I rang the owner’s number, then sent a text, no reply to either. The girl who hired me was still sending me strange texts like “I cant tell you now but Ive more info for you in the morning, Ill reveal all”. Eventually, after a head wrecking few days, she left a voicemail confessing all. She had only been hired two weeks previously. The owner hadn’t paid her or the 180 other promoters that worked for the company and had just disappeared. She was sorry she had gotten me involved, they were suing him and the company, did I want to be part of the lawsuit. Bunch of spoofing nutters. 
At least I found out the proper story. Although, I wished they had scammed me (or at least tried!) out of money, my head wouldnt have been as wrecked then for the few days. I suppose she did tell the truth in the end. The only good thing is that they logged me onto their system when I was supposedly hired. So now I can log on, put my name on the VIP list, plus whoever I want, for savage clubs in LA. Duu duu.     

Song of the day Ce Jeu (Cool Kids Cant Die Remix) by Yelle. Cool as funk!

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