The Morning After

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I forgot a funny addition to the party on Saturday night. In my drunk haze I ended up going back to the Valley(think Sweet Valley High) to some other party. The next day Im stranded, phone is dead, no clue where I am. One of my tour guides said her roommate would drop me home. So she pulls up outside the house. Get in, roommate is good looking, Im still hungover, some friendly flirting never hurt anyone. So all the way back to Hollywood having a good laugh, she’s into funky music, likes off the wall stuff, big fan of punk and bootlegs, highly impressive. So we pull up by my house, she says we should meet up sometime and go to the club she was telling me about. Im not against it, at all, she asks for my number, takes off her sunglasses for the first time and turns fully towards me for the first time. Remember they drive on the left in America, Im sitting on the right hand side so wouldnt have seen the left side. Turns to face me…her left eye is the laziest eye I have ever seen. I just wasn’t expecting it, in a bit of shock so just kind of staring at it, I didn’t see it coming. I think, and presume she notices me seeing it, gets a bit self conscious about it. So I feel bad but cant get my eyes off her eye. In my confusion and haste I think i ended up giving her the wrong number too. Re de de.

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