Enough Talk, More Writing

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Life in L-Heeeey is weird as funk. Cool as funk but highly odd and full of nuts. As some chick told me the other night, people in LA are like granola bars…flakes, fruits or nuts. She thought I was a fruit, ha. Another odd thing is the weather, I had no idea it rained here, a lot. I thought it was always sunny in LA, must only be Philadelphia, oh Jesus. 

Saturday night was my first Hollywood party in the Hills, getting invited by 3 girls from the Valley.  Stereotypes all the way. It was fake, shallow, drunk and brilliant. Big mansion, booze was flowing, lit up pool, DJ inside, funbelievable view of the city. It was straight out of the movies, with a drunk Irish ape floating amongst it all. There were buckets of hot girls from the valley, and the owner of the house was blatantly Italian but swore he was Irish. Apparently that was his chat up line anyways. Luckily I was saved by some valley girls. Cant remember much after that, free booze and all.
Anyways, Im about 2 and a half weeks behind in my blog on my initial LA trip so Ill sporadically throw in a few stories of my first weird experiences when Im not so tired. Luckily Im typing for, and to, myself now, so wuu duu, L-Heeeeey all the way.  
On a minor side note, I had my first dance with frozen yogurt here today, sweet Lord its funreal. Non-fat and sugar free, tastes too good to not be bad for you. I need to check it out. I think my roommates are trying to fool a fool.

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