I’m A Little Teapot…


Sweet Disposition (Joe Maz Remix) – Temper Trap

In case you were wondering, not every day in L-Hey is nuts. Today was pretty normal. Shopped. Washed. Gymed. Chilled. Mostly recovered. Sunday was pretty mighty. Man cures. Just the one. Happy hour. Oh Jesus. Pub crawl. Impromptu. Riding mechanical maniac bulls. Singing the booze. Bumping into randomers. Bringing along stragglers. Ploughing on. Finishing it all off with a night cap and deep gibberish conversations in a car park at half two in the morning. Savage day. But kind of normal, in a way. Could happen anywhere. Unlike, say, Saturday. Funk me pink. Uniquely L-Hey day. Random. Dumb. Full on fun!

Up at 7 bells for a photo shoot. Random. 3 hours sleep due to DJigging. Dumb. Not too sure what the shoot’s for. Need a few professional photos to add to my  portfolio of one headshot. So I’m told. So I’m in. Cover of Women’s Weekly all the way! Shoot was on in Santa Monica. Pier. Beach. Lovely. Arrive. Cloudy. Grey skies. Looks like it might rain. Waves crashing in. Bed calling. Start throwing it out there that maybe we should reschedule. Wait for better light. Sheen from the sea is very bright. Spouting out complete gibber. Vain attempts to get me back to bed. No joy. Heere now, let’s see what we can do. Cue teapot. Continue Reading »

Shooting Up


Big day yesterday. Avoiding this day for over a year. Not sure why. Well, I am. Not a fan of photos. In the slightest. Taking a camera. Aiming it at my head. Pressing the trigger. Not a fan. Churning out a smile part. Smile… Cheese! Did it work? No, smile again… cheese!  Sorry, flash didn’t work! Again… cheese… camera shuts down. One more… cheese… smile… didn’t get your head in. Last one… smile… cheese! Maybe it’s the person taking photos? Mayeb it’s fake smiles. Catch the moment, no problem. Fake smiles, faces twitches and cracks. All are pitiful excuses really. Then again, I can be quite the pity. It’s all me. Continue Reading »