Rain Drops!


Lately I’ve been reminded of a certain trend in the blogaruu. Recent posts such as ‘Toe-Knee! Tow-Me! Eh, Tony!’ have refreshed my memory of the this trend. Which is… the more bad things that happen to me, the more people read the blog. And, more importantly, it seems these stories are enjoyed far more. Stories of my demise. Of my failure. Of my broken something or other. Another thing, apparently, is that posts filled with gibberish or ramblings of some kind, such as ‘Mandatory Man-Dates’ are preferred to posts detailing certain events that I may have been at. So, with those two nuggets of information in mind, I think I may have a bit of bad news for you. You might not enjoy this. Apologies. Reason being, this weekend was pretty unreal. Surreal. Funreal. Real good. Reeling in the years. Real on! All the reals. It. Was. Un. Real. Continue Reading »