Come On Donkey!


You know what you can’t beat? A donkey kick in the head. Particularly at 5 in the morning. Figuratively. Obviously. Kicking through a few barriers. Ploughing you on. When least expected. Wee hours of this morning. Sitting. Thinking. Still so much to do. Add layers. Do this. Do that. So much. To do. Especially the more I think about it. Keep thinking. Of how much there is to do. Nice cloud of frustration forming. Go on, wrap it around your brain. That’s the answer. That’ll get things done. Think. Think. Think. Why is it not getting done? Continue Reading »

In The Loo, Vindaloo, In Lieu…

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Groundhog Day

Debates have ensued over whether or not you might want to hear about today. I doubt it. Groundhog day. A re-run of yesterday. Different shovel. Where I just end up, once again, scratching my head in confusion. Is it the people I am dealing with? Or am I, seriously, a bit challenged, mentally? Not much point in re-telling the almost exact same day as yesterday. I don’t think Groundhog Day, the book, would’ve been a great read. Just simply replace “come back tomorrow” with “come back next week” in yesterday’s blogaruu. Great stuff. On the upside, Continue Reading »