Come On Donkey!


You know what you can’t beat? A donkey kick in the head. Particularly at 5 in the morning. Figuratively. Obviously. Kicking through a few barriers. Ploughing you on. When least expected. Wee hours of this morning. Sitting. Thinking. Still so much to do. Add layers. Do this. Do that. So much. To do. Especially the more I think about it. Keep thinking. Of how much there is to do. Nice cloud of frustration forming. Go on, wrap it around your brain. That’s the answer. That’ll get things done. Think. Think. Think. Why is it not getting done?

Funk, It? No. That.

Non-stop thinking for about 4 hours. Procrastinating. Mental. Issues. Road. Blocks. Unable to go around them. Frustration. Which is when the ‘other guy’ showed up. Funk it. Go to bed. Time is ticking and all, but funk it. Sleep. Always tomorrow. Well, tomorrow night. Go on. Sleep. Look. Look at your bed. Go on, get in. Will I? Is he right? Yeah, funk i… Actually, you know what, funk that. Other guy. Go sleep. In case you’re wondering who the other guy is, this video might help. The wonderful world of Tweeter presented this to me a few whiles back. Can’t remember exactly when. However, I do know it’s a mighty watch. Go on the William. 

The Other Man

Anyways, one line in particular stuck in the back of my vacuous brain for some reason…

‘While the other guy’s sleeping, I’m working.’

Initially I thought it stuck as I took it he too was a night owl. Plough on into the darkness. Ah, that’s great to hear. Not the only chump. Now, I’m guessing it’s more like he just sleeps less. Works more. Oh right. Maybe the bit that stuck was… Who is the other guy, William, who is he? Well, now I know who my other guy is. The dude who likes to throw down a few road blocks every now and again. Take the easy route out. Realised that patience and perserverance seem to be two words that get to him. Gets bored. Goes to bed. Allowing me to plough on. Big Willy style. Oh Jesus.

A + B = An Ape?!

Donkey kick in the head did do well do. I’d like to take the credit for being the one that decided to say funk that to funk it. Go away other dude. Not wanted around here at the moment. Bum. Don’t really think it was me though. Might’ve been the shower at three in the morning. Or the gallon of coffee at four. I’m crediting the song that kicked in at about 5 though. Which led to an odd equation forming over the next few hours: 

(Lack of sleep) + (Lots of house music) = Bizarrely productive 5 hour spell

Hopefully this equation will stand strong. Let’s just ignore the fact that my productive burst might hinge on a song. Ignore that. I’m also going to try and ignore the idiot running around in some part of my vacuum as well. Doing a merry dance. Perhaps thinking that if he keeps adding one hour on to the time I go to bed, he might get a prize at the end? I wonder if that idiot is buddies with the other guy?

Clamber On

Got another spur today. More like a donkey pat on the head as opposed to full on kick. All welcome though. Safe to say I’ve met all sorts in L.A. Nuts. Bums. Fruits. Hippies. Leprechaun lovers. Psychos. Strippers. Nuns. Nazis. Producers. Agents. Actors. Actresses. Singers. Musicians. Models. Gyms. Jims. Joes. Successful people who you might recognise. Even more successful people. Who you wouldn’t recognise. Everything and everyone in between. The works. Including a lot of people who are here to try and climb the ladder. Like a certain ape I know.

Usually, I’ve met the kind like that who tell you what they’re going to be doing. Going to be a singer. Going to be an actor. Going to be doing something. Repeatedly tell you over and over. What they are going to do. Some clinging on to purely what they’ve done. Most leave out the most important part, what they’re actually doing. Hoping that you can do something for them. Wondering if in any way you might be the one to hand that to them on a plate. Even after recent DJ gigs, girls seem to think I might be the person to break them into the DJ world? Eh, yeah, you’re talking to the right ape here. I think the majority of these people purely just want to famous. Might be wrong, but that’s my impression. 

Done. Doing. To Do.

Anyways, today I realised I know someone who just seems to be doing it. Only when I asked, did I find out what she’s done. What she’s aiming to do. And how. Probably the first person I’ve met who’s struggling up the ladder that has a chance of actually giddy’ing up it. Talented. As in I’ve a good few friends here who are working on the business side that are dancing. Or say in production. Or else already a success, in some creative field. On the struggling side though, more just brief encounters on a night out. Speaking with her today started me off with my ‘Done, Doing and To Do’ line of thinking. Making me remember something which I’d slightly forgotten about. And I shall say no more aboot that for a while. As it’s 5 am. Time to get back to getting my book on the ‘Done‘ list. C’mon the equation. Donkey kick on!

Save Us – Nadastrom

4 thoughts on “Come On Donkey!

  1. sounds like a mighty strong donkey kick to the back door of your head, wonder how she managed to steal your key.

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