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Groundhog Day

Debates have ensued over whether or not you might want to hear about today. I doubt it. Groundhog day. A re-run of yesterday. Different shovel. Where I just end up, once again, scratching my head in confusion. Is it the people I am dealing with? Or am I, seriously, a bit challenged, mentally? Not much point in re-telling the almost exact same day as yesterday. I don’t think Groundhog Day, the book, would’ve been a great read. Just simply replace “come back tomorrow” with “come back next week” in yesterday’s blogaruu. Great stuff. On the upside, I did remember to buy some milk. Superb.

Wasting away the bones of two days is fairly pitiful though. Especially when I am then reading articles on how to reduce procrastinating. Which is a good way to fool yourself that you’re not actually procrastinating. Followed by reading articles on how to increase productivity levels. And about recognizing the need to focus. But not actually focusing. Or, really being productive. Good work. Once again. Time to focus. Results need to start popping up. Deadlines are looming and more are needed, so time to knuckle down.

With all that in mind, in lieu of the regular entertainment, I will keep this brief. Tiredness levels are high. To make up for it, two videos instead, which are worth sharing. First one is pretty hilarious. A bit crude, just to be warned if you are at work perhaps. The second was part of an article I read earlier. Parts are applicable to today’s blogaruu you could say! Altogether, it did manage to spur me on a bit. Knowing you’re crap, is better than not realizing it at all. Thought it would be good to pass along…

Song time. Pretty chilled, and very good. Ryan Adams-esque, back when he made good songs. My vocabulary is falling asleep on me, so that is my cue to bounce. Listen on!

A.A. Bondy

When The Devil’s Loose – A.A. Bondy

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