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Climbing Up The Walls – Strange Talk

Bobby Beard. Nobby No Beard. Polly and Esther. Spanish Dexter (Spandex). Vinnie ‘The Straight’ Sanchez. Amazing week. Concocted some amount of new characters to talk to in my head.┬áSome gibber. Speaking of which, Saturday night was amazing. In the sense it was the first Saturday in donkeys that I didn’t DJig. Night off. Oh Betsy. Even better, mighty party to go to. Buddy’s one year wedding anniversary. Up in the hills. Out the back of his mighty garden. Chandeliers dangling from trees. Lights sparkling in the bushes. All done up. Looking savage. Tables. Bar. Music. Food.┬áParty on! Told it was a casual affair. Dress casually. OK. Show up. Everyone else more or less suited and booted. Mighty. Oh yeah. It was casual. But then I just found out it’s kind of formal too. Ah you’ll be grand!

Savage party in fairness. Host happens to have just arrived back from a musical tour of Europa. Watched a bit of footage of that. Looked beyond unreal. Funreal unreal. Singing in front of 70,000+ people must be some buzz. Mental stuff. Must admit I’m looking forward to doing my stand-up stadium tour even more after watching it. You know, once this book is finished and all. Obviously. Here’s an amazing photo showing me having an amazing time… Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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I get the feeling that Christmas in L.A shall be a tad weird. Listening to Wham and the Pogues, when it’s roasting outside, is throwing me off sync. Just like Last Christmas coming on the radio in the middle of summer. My body and brain are struggling to compute the changes. Another change I am struggling to get to grips with is doubling the amount of songs in this segment. Demand is there. Time is not at the moment though. Although if I get the double the money then 10 songs on! Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »