Buy My Soul!


Monday was a mighty day. Ridiculous. Raised the limbo of mightiness. On every level. Honestly. One of the randumbest days I’ve had ever. Buckets of fun. Buckets of no way. Buckets and buckets of funking nuts. More nuts. And then even more nuts. All fun and games. Until I got punched. In the buttock. And then in the face. Some laugh!

Did not think it was going to be bettered for a while. However, I do believe, already, the bar has been re-raised, topped and cherried. Today. Even mightier. Complete dancer! Finally, after all my gibber, my book is now out the closet. Running free. Naked. Delirious. Delighted. Demented chicken. Arms flailing. Available to buy, read and burn. Email from my publisher when I woke up. Good to go. Wheels are in motion. Oh. Alright. Dancing. Even better, at least one person has bought a copy. Which made me realise… I’ve sold my first book! Aw yeh. Giddy up them steps!

Let's Get Ridiculous For A Minute...

Let’s just say you may also like to buy the book. Doubtful. I know. Let’s just say though. If you cant wait until next week (in Irish bookstores), or June (up on Amazon), or sometime during the summer (bookstores across Europa and the likes) or a few months (American and Asian bookstores), you can buy a copy right this second, from anywhere in the world, direct from my publisher, right by clicking here!

I should really do an old giveaway or something for loyal blogaruu readers. Competition on! How aboot a drawing one? I may need to calm down a wee bit perhaps. All day I’ve been selling myself like a cheap whure on a hot corner. Anyone with an ear. Or who looks like they can read. Splurting. Repeating. Gibbering. Although for the next two weeks I may remain a cheap whure. In fact, maybe until I crack the first million copies. Giddy up the book sales! Buy my soul! All aboot the sequel. Which is shaping up to be pre-tty funreal!

Song on, it has me bouncing off walls in cahoots with the book news…

One (Your Name) ft. Pharrell – Swedish House Mafia


8 thoughts on “Buy My Soul!

  1. This is excellent. congratulations, mister. You did it!!! and your soul is mine come June. xo

  2. Congratulations! At least I wont have to ask you when the book is available any more. Looking forward to the read. Book on!

    • Yeah, I decided to bundle all what I knew into one paragraph. Book on indeed! Time to spread the fire!

  3. fair funking play eh!!

    il be on amazon come next week.. need some good bogroll , eh, i mean reading come then for travelling the oz east coast,

    guess whose doing medical trials in melbourne : ) its like the new shandon out here!

    • Haha, blogroll on boss! Amazonia it up, I need some hot promo girls in Oz carrying around the book, you’ll have to start the ball rolling!

      Medical trial or drying out house. Nice way to fund your next leg boss, Jimmy was just telling me!

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