Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Losing your drive is a balls. Especially if it affects your… eh. At least there’s viagra for that. Not too sure why. But as of late. I have lost my drive to scribble down my gibberish. Blogaruu has taken a back seat. Missing chapters. Which is a balls. Particularly as more has been going on, since the book is out of my big galoot hands. Good blogaruus are building back up. Need to get my churning boots back on. Missing out on gems! Good Friday was a great Friday. Folfing up in Beverly Hills. Today was pretty cool as well. Running around rooftops in Hollywood. Stories are building up. And yet. For some reason. I am limp. Flop. Which is a balls. Drive will have be be brought back somehow. May need to add more chili peppers to my diet. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »