Blinder, Deafer, Dumber


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

I have a bad feeling that DJ’ing might be numbing a few of my senses. Sight is one issue. Due to a technical issue on Sunday night the only light available in the DJ booth was the glow from my laptop. Looking at that beam while otherwise shrouded in darkness. Attempting to use my phone as an extra source of light to see the mixer. Then trying to adjust my eyes whenever somebody came up to say hi or request a song. Seeing black floaters instead of people’s faces. Two people asked if I even remembered them or knew who they were when I failed to greet them as buddies. Asking me was I on something? Seemed out of it? Off your head, yeah? Yeah, I’m on laptop light, some buzz. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Marc Johns

Wuu. Pretty wild weekend. Full of highs and lows. Writes and wrongs. Come to think of it, the nadir and zenith of my weekend just occurred. Broke another toothbrush. Snapped. In my mouth. Again. Good way to get a¬†momentary¬†feeling of being a chump. Thankfully, a new toothbrush was on hand. Really can’t beat that new brush feeling on your teeth. Just great. Great weekend… enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »

Save The Dolphins!

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Last night I made the conscious decision to do absolutely nothing. After a day of re-writing, I was fairly tired. Kind of. Decided to take the night off from the gym. The night off from doing the blog. As opposed to not being able to do them, for whatever reason. Usually involves a tipple or two. Thought it might be good, get an early night’s sleep, fully refreshed and raring to go today then. Nay. Worst call ever. Well, again, kind of. I believe, I might be addicted to the gym and the blog. For the simple fact, that I reckon the lack of endorphins being released last night, were a contributing reason, to a wall of something hitting me, out of the blue. Continue Reading »