#5 – Cow Joke


Five in a row! Betsy. I hope ye like rambling jokes: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader

#4 – Sour Joke

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Video four from this now globally recognised hit: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Dakota – Stereophonics

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#3 – Sugar Paddy!

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Video three from this soon to be award-winning series: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Bullets – Editors

#2 – Horse Joke

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Second video from this already groundbreaking series: Joke of the Day – Wahey! If you’re a regular Youtubaduu’er, subscribe on!

Grey Shirt & Tie – Spector

Also. Book teaser on the way soon. Wuu huu!

Joke Of The Day – Wahey!


New blogaruu feature. One joke. Every day. Book. Done. Camera. On!

Too Insistent (Trentemoller Remix) – The Do 

Pubic Wig Hayes, They Call Me…


Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

Did I mention I have a new publisher now? Dance. On! Finalising all the ins-and-outs on the Q.T. Done. And. Dumb. Book two a duu! Strict orders last week from the people in charge: Blog off. Book on! At least until I finish this draft. Unless something amazing happens. Obviously. Ergo, time for a quick embargo from the embargo. Brain is tired. Hoping that scribbling out a blogaruu will revive the beast. Eventful two weeks too, to be true. Ish. Pubic Wig Hayes, they call me…

Salt And Racism

Woke up to a text the other day: *A-lister who not only stars in movies but also produces some of the best shows aboot* is interested in your book. Apparently.

Took it with a grain of salt.

Woke up to an email today: Can we arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilites of moving forward with regards *A-lister who not only stars in movies but also produces some of the best shows aboot* and your book?

Still taking grains of salt. Big bowls. Better than a kick in the balls to be true!

Next day. Got booked to headline the Continue Reading »