Retire. Go Mental.

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I wonder how Conan is dealing with it. I assume we’re both in the same boat. I’m with you, Coco. Exact same boat really. Except mine is more of a dingy. And his is a $40 million yacht. Besides that though, exact same boat. Finished one project. Now. Then. Right. In the back of my mind, I was expecting a black abyss. The black abyss. Land of the unknown. Each thought laced with… oh Jesus, what to do, nothing to do, what do I do?! Not exactly panning out like that though. Seeing as I do know what I must do. No abyss. Maybe just a mental week off. Chilling. All making me realise. Retire when you’re dead. People must go mental when they retire. Seriously. Fun at first. Then. Passing time. Just like kidney stones. Buckets of fun. Continue Reading »