Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Rumours are true. Call me a bender. Of the truth. Intended on le vlogaruu being ready. However. Music and dancing are dominating. DJigging like a mad woman at the moment. So instead of having nothing up until the vlog is ready, music blogaruu all the way. Fill those gaps of Dunloe. Something something is better than no nothing something. Or however that phrase goes. On the upside, these songs are fairly savage. On a randumb sidenote. If you happen to have a copy of my book – mucho gracias for supporting the cause! – Top of page 273. First paragraph… And where was I just lying on a beach recently… ?! Pretty, pretty, pre-tty odd! Kind of. More so than not. This was inadvertently pointed out to me today. Just goes to show. Future is unwritten. Might as well write your own. Fill it up with whatever may be in your gibber dish! Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »


The Royal Rambles

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Texts. Wonderful little things. If for no other reason than keeping a timeline. Remind you of certain things. Blurry events. Shorter form of the blogaruu to be true. Which my memory would be completely lost without. Unfortunately. If a few days go by. Without blogging on. Particularly when a fair old whack has gone on. Everything comes back sporadically. Illogical. Nonsense. Sharp bursts. Flying out. Checking notes. Scribbled drunk gibberish. Illegible. Reaching for sent items. Unfortunately having gaps missing. Missing texts is missing memories. Wondering what happened for that three hour period? Or that one? Forgetting to wonder about it. Enabling the onslaught of flashes to finally flood in. Continue Reading »